Startup Showcase: – Making the Internet More Relevant, One Card at a Time

In today’s fast-paced world, we are constantly bombarded with information from various sources, making it challenging to keep up with everything. Enter, a Montreal-based startup revolutionizing the way we interact with information on the internet. In this Startup Showcase, we explore how is simplifying our digital lives through their innovative platform and its unique features.

Unleashing the Power of Relevant Cards introduces an intelligent screen, aptly named the “Relevant,” that brings bite-sized information to users in a seamless and efficient manner. Unlike traditional methods that require downloading and navigating multiple apps and websites,’s platform unbundles these digital experiences and transforms their most vital features into compact units called Relevant Cards.

The Relevant Cards cover a wide range of functionalities, from checking the weather and latest news to game scores and discovering new products. Users can even stay updated on social media trends, find nearby places, and perform tasks like ordering a cab or spinning off servers – all through these interactive cards.

A Platform for Innovation

What sets apart is its open platform approach. With Relevant Platform, the web app developed by the company, anyone can build their own cards and integrations within minutes. This allows individuals and businesses to customize their Relevant experience, tailoring it to their specific needs. By encouraging user-generated content, fosters a vibrant community of creators and contributors who share their creations, expanding the platform’s capabilities and offering diverse functionalities. The Open Google Now

The buzz around is not without reason. Often referred to as the “Open Google Now,” shares similarities with Google’s personal assistant application. However, Relevant takes it a step further by offering a truly open and customizable experience. Users can shape their digital environment to suit their preferences, selecting the cards and integrations that matter most to them.

The Potential of

The potential applications for are vast and far-reaching. From streamlining personal information consumption to revolutionizing business operations, the platform has numerous possibilities. By offering an all-in-one hub for essential functions, simplifies our digital lives, saves time, and reduces the clutter of countless apps and websites.

With Relevant Cards being easily accessible on the Relevant screen, users can effortlessly manage their daily tasks and stay updated on the information that matters most to them. Whether it’s staying informed, tracking trends, or engaging with services, provides a streamlined experience that brings relevant content and functionality to the forefront.

Conclusion is making waves in the tech industry by reshaping the way we interact with information on the internet. Through their innovative Relevant Cards and open platform approach, the company is simplifying our digital lives and putting control back into the hands of users. By offering a personalized and customizable experience, empowers individuals and businesses to make the internet more relevant to their needs.


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