Startup Showcase: RentPERKS – Revolutionizing Property Management in Canada

RentPERKS is a revolutionary property management company that offers advanced services and rent rewards to landlords and tenants. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, RentPERKS has been serving 39 cities in just three years, making them the undisputed leader in marketing, service delivery, and rent rewards. In this startup showcase, we will explore how RentPERKS is revolutionizing property management in Canada.

Innovative Services for Landlords

RentPERKS offers landlords a range of innovative services that simplify the rental process. With fast leasing, dedicated staff, zero paperwork, and advanced applicant screening, RentPERKS ensures that landlords have the best possible experience. Landlords can track maintenance, approve applications anywhere, and have access to a 24/7 emergency line. RentPERKS also offers a no-damage deposit program that reduces the financial risk for landlords.

Rent Rewards for Tenants

One of the key features of RentPERKS is the rent rewards program. RentPERKS stimulates competition for your property and drives near-zero vacancy by offering unbeatable perks to quality applicants. This innovative program rewards the right tenant behavior, such as leasing and releasing, paying on time, and maintaining the property in good condition. Tenants can earn cash and rewards, making RentPERKS a popular choice for renters.

Reduced Risk for Landlords

RentPERKS reduces the risk for landlords by selecting the best applicants and offering comprehensive tenant screening with Crediliytix™ scoring. RentPERKS reduces the risk of financial loss and property damage by selecting the right tenants for your property. This ensures that landlords have peace of mind and can enjoy hassle-free property management.

Competitive Management Fees

RentPERKS offers some of the most competitive management fees in the industry at 6.9% per annum. Portfolio scale pricing is also available, making it an affordable option for landlords with multiple properties. RentPERKS has partnered with TD Canada Trust in Canada and Wells Fargo in the USA for payments processing, ensuring that payments are processed securely and efficiently.


RentPERKS is revolutionizing property management in Canada with its innovative services, rent rewards program, reduced risk for landlords, and competitive management fees. By simplifying the rental process for landlords and offering rewards to tenants, RentPERKS is driving near-zero vacancy rates and ensuring that properties are well-maintained. With its focus on quality and affordability, RentPERKS is set to become the future of property management in Canada.





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