Startup Showcase: Richedu – Making Students’ Experiences Magical at University

Empowering Students Through Gamified Education.

Richedu is an innovative startup based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, that is revolutionizing the way students engage with their education. With their educational rewards platform, Richedu aims to transform mundane assignments into exciting opportunities for students to earn rewards and enhance their learning experience. As a team primarily composed of students, Richedu understands the challenges faced by the education system and strives to motivate and encourage students to become more active participants in their own education journey.

Unleashing the Magic of Learning

At Richedu, the focus is on creating a magical experience for students within the traditional educational landscape. The founders of Richedu recognized the lack of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation among students, resulting in disengagement and limited academic achievement. To address this challenge, they introduced a gamified approach that transforms the learning process into an exciting adventure.

Through Richedu’s platform, students are rewarded with virtual coins for completing assignments and achieving academic milestones. These coins can be redeemed for various rewards, such as discounts on textbooks, access to exclusive events, or even scholarships. By incorporating elements of gamification, Richedu sparks students’ curiosity, fosters healthy competition, and encourages a sense of achievement, making the learning journey enjoyable and rewarding.

A Team Driven by Student Empowerment

Richedu’s commitment to empowering students is evident not only in their platform but also in their team composition. Nearly 99% of the Richedu team consists of students, both experienced and aspiring, who have faced challenges finding opportunities elsewhere or have been burdened with irrelevant tasks in their positions. By providing a platform where students can contribute their ideas and talents, Richedu not only offers them valuable experience but also gives them a sense of purpose and belonging.

The unique perspective and firsthand experience of the Richedu team enable them to understand the needs and aspirations of their fellow students better. This deep understanding allows Richedu to continuously refine their platform and tailor it to the ever-evolving requirements of students, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed academically and beyond.

Join the Richedu Movement

Richedu’s impact on the education landscape is gaining momentum, and they invite students, educators, and institutions to join their movement toward a more engaging and rewarding learning experience. By embracing the power of gamification and student empowerment, Richedu aims to inspire a new generation of motivated and enthusiastic learners who are excited about their educational journey.


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