Startup Showcase: – Clean and Accessible Web Data Extraction is a revolutionary technology company based in Barachois, Quebec, that uses computer vision and machine learning to extract data from any web article on any website, such as news, magazines, and blogs. In this Startup Showcase, we will explore how is changing the game of web data extraction and helping businesses to access clean and organized information.’s Goal: Making Web Information Accessible in its Pure Form’s primary objective is to make the information on the web accessible in its pure form. With the ever-changing technology and design elements of web pages, accessing relevant information can be a daunting task for businesses that rely on web content. solves this problem by building an AI-powered technology that analyzes web pages and sees the information they contain, bringing users clean, normalized, and organized data.’s AI-Powered Web Article Data Extraction API’s main product is an AI-powered scalable web article data extraction API. By loading a web article in a browser and reading it, accurately recognizes titles, headlines, published and updated dates, images, captions, and tags. It extracts the content text and the HTML code while ignoring advertisements, design elements, and any other text or image not related to the main content.

What makes unique is that it is not tailored to specific website user interface designs or technology. It is trained on hundreds of thousands of examples and is capable of recognizing relevant elements on the web page, independently of how the web page was built.’s technology actually “looks” at web pages and recognizes the content based on a statistical model learned from data.

Organizing Extracted Content with IPTC Media Topics Taxonomy goes beyond merely extracting web data by classifying the extracted content based on the IPTC Media Topics Taxonomy and extracting key phrases from the text. This feature helps users to organize the extracted content, making it easier to access and analyze. Whether you provide an online service that relies on web content, do technology, or competitive intelligence, you can rely on to bring you clean and organized data from the ever-changing web.

Conclusion is a company that provides a unique solution to the challenge of accessing clean and organized data from web pages. Their AI-powered technology is trained on hundreds of thousands of examples and can recognize relevant elements on web pages independently of how the web page was built. This ensures that businesses relying on web content have access to accurate and organized information. With’s IPTC Media Topics Taxonomy classification, businesses can also better organize the extracted content for analysis. is a game-changer in web data extraction, and businesses that rely on web content should take note of this impressive startup.




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