Startup Showcase: Wildfire Innovations – Redefining the Future of Wildfire Prevention

Wildfires are becoming an increasing threat, causing enormous devastation to our planet’s environment, ecosystems, and communities. Wildfire Innovations, a Calgary-based startup, is taking a revolutionary approach to wildfire prevention and protection. Their innovative solutions aim to minimize the damage caused by wildfires and protect against future incidents.

Introducing Wildfire Innovations

Wildfire Innovations was founded in Calgary, Alberta by Don Hallett. His personal experience of being evacuated from wildfires twice in his life led him to recognize the need for significant improvements in wildfire prevention and protection. Wildfire Innovations is dedicated to creating a safer future for communities around the world by offering patent-pending scalable technologies that are focused on minimizing annual wildfire devastation.

Revolutionary Technologies

Wildfire Innovations has created, designed, and installed 24-hour fire loss protection solutions that are scalable and can stand up to any size of ravaging crown fire. Their innovative approach is a first-mover, one-of-a-kind technology that is more effective than historical and current methods. Wildfire Innovations has acquired the interest of over 400 years of wildfire advisory knowledge from well-seasoned senior wildfire personnel, demonstrating the effectiveness of their technology.

Traditional models of wildfire protection and suppression have not evolved much in 60 years and are costly. Wildfire Innovations offers reliable, 24-hour timed, and targeted suppression systems that cover a larger area at a lower cost, completing the overall objective. Their technology can complement and add to the way the world addresses wildfires.

How Wildfire Innovations is Making a Difference

Wildfire Innovations is redefining the future of wildfire prevention by developing innovative technologies that can significantly reduce the damage caused by wildfires. Their solutions offer improved protection for communities, ecosystems, and the environment.

Wildfire Innovations aims to provide wildfire protection to all vulnerable communities across Canada and beyond. They also work with industrial companies in the oil and gas sector, where wildfires pose a significant threat. Wildfire Innovations’ technology can help these companies reduce the risk of wildfires, minimizing environmental damage and ensuring the safety of employees and local communities.


Wildfire Innovations is a startup that has recognized the critical need for innovative wildfire prevention and protection solutions. With their patent-pending scalable technologies, Wildfire Innovations is revolutionizing the way the world can prevent, protect against, stop, and complete wildfires. Their groundbreaking approach is more effective and efficient than traditional models of wildfire protection, making it a game-changer in the industry.



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