Startup Showcase: Shoal Games Ltd. – Revolutionizing EdTech with Rooplay

Empowering Children Through Curated Learning Games.

Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we highlight innovative companies that are making a difference in various industries. In this edition, we present Shoal Games Ltd., a Vancouver-based startup that is revolutionizing the world of educational technology (EdTech) with their flagship product, Rooplay. With its pioneering curated games platform, Shoal Games is bringing structure, accountability, and innovative learning to children and parents in an increasingly complex digital world.

The Company: Shoal Games Ltd.

Shoal Games Ltd. (TSXV:SGW) (OTCQB:SGLDF), the brainchild of visionary entrepreneurs, is on a mission to empower children through inspired play and engagement. As the proud owner of the EdTech Games Platform Rooplay, Shoal Games is changing the way children learn, grow, and prepare for success in their futures.

Rooplay: A Gateway to Educational Entertainment

Rooplay, available exclusively on Android, is a revolutionary subscription-based platform that offers families a handpicked selection of hundreds of educational games. Unlike traditional passive video content, Rooplay’s active learning games are designed to inspire children, fostering their cognitive abilities and preparing them for success.

Curated Content with a Personal Touch

Rooplay’s curated games platform is carefully crafted to provide a seamless and enriching learning experience for children. The platform features popular characters like Garfield, Moomin, Mr. Men, Little Miss, and Mr. Bean, captivating children’s imaginations and keeping them engaged. With a growing library of educational games, Rooplay offers a diverse range of subjects, ensuring children have access to a well-rounded educational experience.

Empowering Parents through Accountability

One of Rooplay’s standout features is its ability to provide structure and accountability for parents. In an era where digital content is often overwhelming and fragmented, Rooplay allows parents to confidently navigate the digital landscape for their children. The platform enables parents to monitor their child’s progress, track learning outcomes, and make informed decisions about their educational journey.

A Subscription Model for Inspired Learning

Rooplay’s subscription-based business model is reminiscent of popular streaming services like Netflix. For a monthly fee, families gain unlimited access to a vast collection of educational games, providing value and convenience. The subscription model ensures continuous updates and new content additions, keeping children excited about learning and discovery.


Shoal Games Ltd.’s Rooplay is a game-changer in the EdTech industry, revolutionizing the way children learn, play, and grow. By offering a curated selection of educational games through an intuitive platform, Shoal Games empowers children and parents alike. With Rooplay’s innovative approach to learning and entertainment, children can embark on a journey of discovery while developing essential skills for their future success.


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