Startup Showcase: Soundskrit – Revolutionizing Sound Measurement for Next-Gen Audio Applications

Empowering the Future of Audio with Innovative Sound Measurement Technology.

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest updates on Canada’s thriving startup ecosystem. In this startup showcase, we are delighted to present Soundskrit, a groundbreaking company based in Montréal, Quebec. With its pioneering approach to sound measurement, Soundskrit is poised to transform the audio industry and usher in the next generation of audio applications. Join us as we delve into their innovative technology and the impact it will have on consumer electronics.

Unleashing the Power of Directional Sound Measurement

In an era of emerging voice applications and interfaces, there is a growing demand for capturing sound from greater distances while maintaining robustness against background noise. Traditional pressure-based microphones struggle with this challenge, as they tend to pick up sound from all directions. This necessitates the use of microphone arrays, resulting in larger form factors and compromised audio quality. Enter Soundskrit, a trailblazer in audio innovation.

A Paradigm Shift in Sound Capture

Soundskrit has developed a bio-inspired, directional microphone that revolutionizes sound measurement. Unlike conventional microphones that rely on pressure, Soundskrit’s cutting-edge technology directly measures the velocity of incoming sound. This breakthrough allows a single microphone to discern sounds originating from multiple directions without sacrificing size or audio fidelity. By leveraging this novel approach, Soundskrit paves the way for significant advancements in speech recognition and sound localization, unlocking a new suite of features for consumer electronics.

Enhancing Speech Recognition and Sound Localization

One of the key applications of Soundskrit’s technology lies in vastly improving speech recognition capabilities. By precisely isolating sound signals from specific directions, their directional microphone enables more accurate and reliable voice command interpretation. This translates into seamless user experiences across various voice-enabled devices, from smartphones to smart speakers, ensuring that every command is heard and understood.

Moreover, Soundskrit’s breakthrough sound measurement technology empowers superior sound localization. By discerning the direction from which sound originates, their solution provides enhanced spatial awareness. This opens up possibilities for immersive audio experiences, such as virtual reality and augmented reality applications, where precise sound placement is crucial for creating realistic and captivating environments.

Driving Innovation in Consumer Electronics

The impact of Soundskrit’s technology extends beyond speech recognition and sound localization. With their pioneering approach, the company enables consumer electronics manufacturers to reimagine their products and explore new frontiers. From immersive audio in gaming to augmented reality audio tours, the possibilities are limitless. The reduced size and improved audio quality of Soundskrit’s directional microphones offer a game-changing solution that enables sleeker designs without compromising sound performance.


Soundskrit is on a mission to transform the audio industry by redefining the way sound is measured. Through their bio-inspired, directional microphone technology, the company empowers the next generation of audio applications with enhanced speech recognition, sound localization, and immersive experiences. With Soundskrit’s innovative solutions, consumer electronics manufacturers can take a leap forward in creating cutting-edge products that captivate and engage users like never before.


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