Startup Showcase: Storspay – Revolutionizing In-Store Payments with DeFi-Crypto Platform

As the world rapidly embraces cryptocurrencies, the use of digital assets for daily transactions is gaining momentum. Toronto-based Storspay is at the forefront of this transformation, providing a DeFi-crypto payments platform that enables merchants to receive payments in crypto or fiat with almost zero transaction fees. Storspay is creating a new paradigm for in-store payments that is frictionless, borderless, and community-driven. In this startup showcase, we explore the innovative features of Storspay’s platform and how it is disrupting traditional payment systems.

Revolutionizing In-Store Payments

Storspay’s platform enables consumers to make payments at participating merchants without the need for debit/credit cards or multiple peer-to-peer crypto apps. All they need is their phone. The platform is accessible to merchants anywhere in the world and provides them with the flexibility to receive payments in both crypto and fiat currencies. The transactions are secure, borderless, and almost free of transaction fees.

Cashback Rewards and Interest Income

Storspay provides users with cashback rewards on all their spend through the app at participating merchants. Additionally, users can earn interest income that is higher than what they would typically receive from their bank by staking their balances. The funds are then lent to merchants in the network at affordable rates, enabling them to benefit from lower borrowing costs.

Community-Driven Platform

Storspay is more than just a payment platform. It is a community-driven platform that puts users at the heart of their transactions. The platform enables users to share their experiences, provide feedback, and suggest new features that can be incorporated into the platform. Storspay aims to create a vibrant community of merchants and consumers who can exchange value in a seamless and efficient manner.


Storspay is a DeFi-crypto payments platform that is revolutionizing in-store payments. It provides merchants with a flexible and secure platform to receive payments in both crypto and fiat currencies. Consumers can make payments using their phone, and earn cashback rewards and interest income on their balances. Storspay is a community-driven platform that is committed to creating a new paradigm for in-store payments that is frictionless, borderless, and community-driven.





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