Startup Showcase: Sulphide Remediation Inc. – Revolutionizing Acid Rock Drainage Cleanup

An Innovative Solution for Acid Rock Drainage.

In the realm of environmental conservation, there are few challenges as pressing as the remediation of acid rock drainage. However, one Canadian startup is making remarkable strides in addressing this issue head-on. Sulphide Remediation Inc. (SRI) has emerged as a frontrunner in the field, offering an innovative and cost-effective solution to clean up historical coarse rock waste piles and prevent further contamination of precious water resources.

A Legacy of Acid Rock Drainage

The Problem: Over the years, acid rock drainage has become a significant environmental concern. Many of North America’s creeks and groundwater tables have been subjected to contamination from highly acidic runoff originating from waste rock. This phenomenon occurs due to the presence of acid-generating rocks, primarily sulphides, within these waste piles. The resulting pollution poses severe threats to aquatic ecosystems and the overall health of the environment.

Sulphide Remediation Inc. recognized the urgent need for a comprehensive solution. Founded in 2020 by a team of mining engineers driven by a genuine concern for environmental sustainability, SRI has been at the forefront of tackling acid rock drainage. Leveraging their expertise in ore sorting, the company realized that by removing acid-generating rocks from waste piles, they could effectively eliminate the problem at its source.

Pioneering Waste Pile Remediation

A Game-Changing Approach: Sulphide Remediation Inc. offers a full-service waste pile remediation solution that revolutionizes the way acid rock drainage cleanup is approached. With a focus on historical coarse rock waste piles, SRI brings together a highly skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment to carry out the remediation process efficiently. By removing 75-95% of acid-generating rocks, SRI creates stockpiles that are free from acid rock drainage, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Environmental Benefits and Cost-Effective Solutions

Preserving Water Resources: The impact of Sulphide Remediation Inc.’s efforts goes beyond immediate pollution control. By eliminating acid rock drainage, the company ensures the long-term preservation of vital water resources. This proactive approach safeguards aquatic ecosystems, maintains the quality of drinking water sources, and contributes to the overall sustainability of the environment.

Affordability and Scalability: One of the most remarkable aspects of SRI’s solution is its cost-effectiveness and scalability. By utilizing their expertise in ore sorting, the company can achieve high tonnage rates at a low cost. This not only makes their services accessible to a wide range of clients but also encourages the widespread adoption of their innovative remediation techniques.


Sulphide Remediation Inc. is making significant strides in addressing the critical issue of acid rock drainage. With their unique approach to waste pile remediation, they have emerged as leaders in the field. By removing acid-generating rocks from historical coarse rock waste piles, SRI not only prevents further contamination but also ensures the long-term preservation of water resources. Through their cost-effective solutions and commitment to environmental sustainability, Sulphide Remediation Inc. sets a remarkable example for the entire industry.


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