Startup Showcase: Synkar Autonomous – Revolutionizing Delivery Solutions

Robotics and AI-driven autonomous delivery for a seamless future.

Welcome to Startup Showcase, where we highlight innovative startups that are making waves in the Canadian business landscape. In this edition, we present Synkar Autonomous, a pioneering Canadian company that is transforming the way we approach deliveries through cutting-edge autonomous solutions. With their blend of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and a unique business model, Synkar is poised to revolutionize the delivery industry. Join us as we delve into the world of Synkar and explore how they are reshaping the future of delivery services.

The Genesis of Synkar Autonomous

In the heart of Oshawa, Ontario, a Canadian startup named Synkar Autonomous is pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology. Founded by a team of passionate experts with a background in robotics and AI, Synkar embarked on a mission to leverage their academic and research experience to revolutionize the delivery industry. Synkar started its journey by developing indoor robots for factory use, but it soon expanded its vision to encompass outdoor applications as well.

Autonomous Delivery Solutions for All

One of Synkar’s key innovations lies in its business model. Instead of selling autonomous robots, Synkar offers them as a service, allowing businesses to subscribe to a scalable fee and access a flexible robotic fleet. This groundbreaking approach enables a wide range of delivery scenarios, whether it’s a closed-community delivery service, in-company delivery, or even a business-to-consumer (B2C) delivery app. By making autonomous delivery solutions accessible to all, Synkar is democratizing the industry and empowering businesses to optimize their delivery processes.

A Partnership for Success

Synkar has already made significant strides in the delivery space by forging strategic partnerships. Notably, the company has joined forces with iFood, the largest delivery app in South America, to utilize Synkar’s robots for first-mile delivery in shopping centers. This collaboration showcases the trust and confidence that industry leaders place in Synkar’s technology. With this successful partnership as a stepping stone, Synkar is now setting its sights on expanding its sidewalk delivery services in Canada, with plans to commence operations in the second half of 2020.


As the delivery landscape continues to evolve, Synkar Autonomous stands at the forefront of innovation, propelling the industry toward a future where autonomous solutions are the norm. With their robotics and AI expertise, coupled with a unique business model, Synkar is empowering businesses with affordable, scalable, and efficient delivery options. By embracing Synkar’s autonomous delivery solutions, companies can streamline their operations and meet the evolving demands of the market. As we eagerly anticipate Synkar’s sidewalk deliveries in Canada, we can be certain that this Canadian startup will continue to make waves and reshape the delivery landscape for years to come.


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