Startup Showcase: True Health Canada

Empowering Individuals through Holistic Wellness and Cutting-edge Health Analysis.

Welcome to the startup showcase of True Health Canada, a pioneering company based in Kelowna, British Columbia. With a focus on holistic wellness and personalized health solutions, True Health Canada is revolutionizing the way individuals approach their well-being. In this showcase, we will explore the various services offered by True Health Canada and how they are transforming the lives of people in the community.

Holistic Wellness and Live Blood Analysis

True Health Canada is dedicated to building a healthy environment that supports the development and well-being of individuals. Through their expertise in holistic wellness, they offer informative consultations that delve into alternative health options for various concerns. Their team of experts specializes in live blood analysis, a cutting-edge technique that allows for a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s health at a cellular level. By analyzing the morphology and behavior of blood cells, True Health Canada can identify potential imbalances and develop personalized wellness plans.

Kangen Water Ionizers and RNA Reset Products

As the premier distributor for Kangen water machines in Canada, True Health Canada is at the forefront of water ionization technology. Kangen water, known for its alkaline properties and antioxidant-rich nature, has been shown to provide numerous health benefits. True Health Canada offers demonstrations and consultations to educate individuals on the advantages of Kangen water and how it can positively impact their well-being.

Additionally, True Health Canada is proud to be the premier distributor for RNA Reset products in Canada. These innovative products utilize the power of RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) to optimize cellular function and promote overall health. With their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, True Health Canada continues to pave the way for holistic wellness in the country.

Comprehensive Services and Online E-commerce Store

In addition to live blood analysis and water ionizers, True Health Canada offers a range of complementary services to enhance well-being. These services include hypnotherapy, body talk therapy, psychotherapy, colonic therapy, and animal body talk therapy. By addressing the mind-body connection, True Health Canada aims to provide holistic solutions for individuals and their animal companions.

To further support their mission, True Health Canada has an online e-commerce store that specializes in natural supplements, minerals, and blood type-specific products. This allows individuals to conveniently access high-quality products that are tailored to their unique health needs. With their extensive knowledge and dedication to holistic wellness, True Health Canada is transforming the way people approach their health journeys.


True Health Canada is a trailblazing company that is reshaping the landscape of holistic wellness and personalized health solutions. By offering services such as live blood analysis, Kangen water ionizers, and RNA Reset products, they empower individuals to take control of their well-being and make informed choices. With their commitment to education, community development, and cutting-edge technology, True Health Canada is at the forefront of the holistic health movement in Canada.





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