Startup Showcase: Truly Inc – Driving Business Success through Digital Audience Market Research & Insights

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses need to be able to understand their target audience in order to create content that resonates with them. This is where Truly Inc comes in, providing market research and insights to help businesses reach their target audience with content that engages and drives success.

Audience Research & Insights

Truly Inc’s approach starts with research to determine the “why” behind audience engagement. This research includes a range of areas, from identifying who the target audience is, to understanding their motivations, and the issues they face. By gaining insight into these areas, businesses can create content that truly resonates with their audience.

Competitive Research & Insights

In addition to audience research, Truly Inc also conducts competitive research and insights to determine how businesses can stand out in their respective markets. This includes understanding the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, as well as identifying opportunities for differentiation.

Strategy & Planning

Once research has been conducted, Truly Inc works with businesses to develop a comprehensive strategy that underpins everything they do. This includes identifying the overall strategy, voice and tone, editorial focus, mission and vision for publishing, resource planning, suggested platforms, and content creation and marketing.

Produce & Post

Truly Inc also helps businesses develop engaging content that resonates with their audience. This includes developing podcast series, YouTube shows, video series, web publications, article series, infographics, slideshows, visual communications, social platform presence, and brand personality online.

Content Optimization & Promotion

To ensure content reaches the intended audience, Truly Inc also provides services that optimize content for the platform and audience findability. This includes tagging, titling, descriptions, creating closed captions, paid promotional planning, optimization for sharing, influencer outreach, expert outreach, cross-posting, and audience development.

Community Development

Truly Inc also recognizes the importance of community development in building a loyal and engaged audience. This includes community outreach guidance, social listening, responding, engaging, feedback gathering, observation, recording, and non-traditional community events such as unconferences, meetups, hackathons, and community forums.

Measurement & Reporting

All efforts are tracked and analyzed on a regular basis to ensure that goals are being met, and to identify opportunities for improvement. Truly Inc provides measurement and reporting services, which include measuring outcomes, comparing with goals, analyzing performance, making adjustments, and providing learning reports.

Additional Expertise

Truly Inc also offers additional expertise in areas such as influencer marketing, project management, presentations design/delivery, public speaking/training, brand development, business model development, web standards, open source communities/developer communities, growth hacking, copywriting and editing, email marketing/newsletter development, and event planning.

In conclusion, Truly Inc provides a range of services that help businesses understand their target audience, create engaging content, and drive success. By focusing on research, strategy, and community development, Truly Inc empowers businesses to create content that truly resonates with their audience and drives results.

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