Startup Showcase: Why Not Theatre – Innovating the World of Theatre

Why Not Theatre, an agile and international theatre company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is redefining the world of theatre through its innovative and collaborative approach. With a strong emphasis on community engagement and cross-cultural exploration, Why Not Theatre is pushing boundaries, questioning norms, and empowering artists to tell diverse and compelling stories. In this startup showcase, we delve into the company’s mission, their unique strategies, and their impact on the arts ecosystem.

A Vision of Innovation, Community, and Collaboration

At the heart of Why Not Theatre lies a deep-rooted commitment to innovation, community, and collaboration. Led by a dynamic core team consisting of Founding Artistic Director Ravi Jain, Managing Director Owais Lightwala, and Executive Producer Kelly Read, the company strives to challenge the status quo and bring fresh perspectives to the stage.

Making Critically-Acclaimed and Award-Winning Work

Why Not Theatre is not just another theatre company. They actively create and tour critically-acclaimed and award-winning productions that captivate audiences around the world. Their commitment to diversity and inclusivity is evident in their repertoire, which spans across cultures and explores a myriad of narratives that often go untold. By amplifying voices and stories that are underrepresented, Why Not Theatre fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of our shared humanity.

Sharing Resources to Empower Artists

Recognizing the importance of collaboration and resource sharing, Why Not Theatre goes beyond their own productions to support and uplift other companies and artists. By providing access to their expertise, network, and resources, they actively contribute to the development and production of innovative works by emerging talents. This collaborative approach not only enriches the arts community but also helps foster a stronger and more vibrant ecosystem for artists to thrive.

Provoking Change through New Producing Models

One of the defining characteristics of Why Not Theatre is their commitment to provoking change within the industry. They challenge conventional producing models and seek out new ways to engage audiences and create meaningful experiences. By breaking free from traditional boundaries, they encourage innovative approaches to storytelling, production, and audience interaction. Their forward-thinking mindset continues to inspire and influence the theatre landscape, both in Canada and globally.


Why Not Theatre, an agile and internationally renowned theatre company, is revolutionizing the way we experience and engage with live performances. Through their commitment to innovation, community, and collaboration, they are redefining the boundaries of theatre and ensuring that diverse voices are heard. By making critically-acclaimed work, sharing resources with other artists, and provoking change through new producing models, Why Not Theatre is making a lasting impact on the arts ecosystem. With their unwavering passion and dedication, they are setting new standards for excellence in the world of theatre.


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