Tech Disruptors: 15 Enterprise Startups in Canada Changing the Game in Their Industries!

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Enterprise startups are emerging to provide innovative solutions across various industries. In Canada, there are numerous startups paving the way for cutting-edge technology, addressing key challenges and providing new opportunities for businesses. In this article, we’ll showcase and explain 15 of the most interesting Enterprise startups in Canada, covering industries such as AgTech, Cybersecurity, Geospatial software, and more.

Traction Complete: Transforming Sales Processes with Salesforce Apps

Traction Complete is a B2B Saas provider that offers a suite of Salesforce apps for Revenue Operations professionals. Its apps streamline sales processes, providing end-to-end visibility and automation for lead management, productivity tools, and sales automation. Founded by Greg Malpass, the startup has become a leading player in the CRM industry, with clients such as Uber, Adobe, and Groupon.

Milk Moovement: Optimizing Dairy Supply Chains with Cloud Data Services

Milk Moovement is an AgTech startup that has created a dairy supply chain management platform connecting all dairy supply chain players. It provides real-time data analytics, making it easier for dairy farmers, processors, and distributors to manage their supply chains more efficiently. Founded by Jonathan King and Robert Forsythe, Milk Moovement has quickly gained traction in the dairy industry, attracting clients such as Agropur, Canada’s largest dairy cooperative.

Cognota: Revolutionizing Learning and Development with Collaborative Software

Cognota, formerly known as Synapse, is an operations platform for Learning and Development teams, designed to enhance collaboration and streamline training processes. It offers a user-friendly interface and customizable features to create an engaging learning experience. Founded by Josh Crohn, Ryan Austin, and Sebastian Leks, Cognota has been recognized for its innovative approach, winning awards such as Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Award. Empowering Developers with Machine Learning and Analytics Products is a SaaS startup that enables developers to build machine learning and analytics products across distributed data silos. The platform integrates with existing systems, making it easier for businesses to leverage their data for insights and predictions. Founded by Steve Irvine, has been recognized for its innovative approach to data integration, winning awards such as Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50.

AltaML: Providing Technical and Strategic Expertise for Applied AI

AltaML is a startup that provides technical and strategic expertise to build transformative applications using applied AI. Its team of experts offers services ranging from AI strategy and development to data science and machine learning. Founded by Cory Janssen and Nicole Janssen, AltaML has become a leading player in the AI industry, with the Government of Alberta and Suncor. 

Haloo: Revolutionizing Trademarking with Blockchain Technology

Haloo is a startup that aims to make the complex process of trademarking faster, more accurate, and more affordable. Its platform uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent trademarking process. Founded by Julie MacDonell and Sarah Ruest, Haloo has been recognized for its innovative approach, winning awards such as Startup Canada’s National Women Entrepreneurship Award.

Feroot Security: Protecting Web Applications Against Cyber Attacks

Feroot Security offers a platform that protects the client-side javascript code of web applications against client-side attacks and compliance violations. Its solution uses patented technology to secure web applications, making them less vulnerable to cyber attacks. Founded by Ivan Tsarynny and Vitaliy Lim, Feroot Security has become a leading player in the cybersecurity industry, attracting clients such as Shopify and Dell.

Beatdapp: Authenticating Media with Real-Time Tracking System

Beatdapp is a startup that offers a tracking system that authenticates, verifies, and validates media streamed in real-time. Its technology protects the revenue streams of music labels and artists by identifying and reporting fraudulent streaming activity. Founded by Andrew Batey, Morgan Hayduk, and Pouria Assadipour, Beatdapp has been recognized for its innovative approach, winning awards such as the 2020 SXSW Pitch.

Qohash: Finding and Safeguarding Sensitive Data

Qohash is a startup that finds, tracks, and safeguards the world’s most sensitive data. Its solution provides end-to-end encryption, allowing businesses to protect their data without compromising on security or compliance. Founded by Dany Grimard and Jean Le Bouthillier, Qohash has become a leading player in the cybersecurity industry, attracting clients such as the Government of Canada.

Olive: AI-Powered Business Consulting and Market Research

Olive is a startup that provides AI technology and business consulting services, including market research and procurement. Its platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide insights and recommendations for businesses. Founded by Chris Heard and Daniel Harrison, Olive has been recognized for its innovative approach, winning awards such as the 2020 Canadian Business Excellence Award.

Shabodi: Powering a New Digital Economy with App Developer Platform

Shabodi is a startup that is creating a platform for app developers as part of the 5G revolution, powering a completely new digital economy. Its solution provides developers with the tools and infrastructure they need to build and deploy innovative applications. Founded by Harpreet Geekee and Vikram Chopra, Shabodi has become a leading player in the IT industry, attracting clients such as Telus and Rogers.

Vezgo: Onboarding Web3 Users Faster and Easier with Crypto SaaS API

Vezgo is a startup that offers a Crypto SaaS API, helping crypto companies onboard Web3 users faster and easier. Its solution provides one API for every crypto integration, simplifying the integration process for developers. Founded by Eric Lemieux and Martin Leclair, Vezgo has become a leading player in the blockchain industry, attracting clients such as Binance and BitGo.

IQGeo: Improving Collaboration and Productivity with Geospatial Software

IQGeo is a startup that provides end-to-end geospatial software that improves productivity and collaboration across various industrial processes. Its solution offers real-time data analytics and visualization, making it easier for businesses to manage their operations. Founded by Andrew Ward and Peter Batty, IQGeo has become a leading player in the geospatial software industry, attracting clients such as National Grid and Enmax.

Springdel: Taking Enterprise Beyond Cloud and Device Management with EdgeOps Platform

Springdel is a startup that takes enterprise beyond cloud and device management with the world’s only EdgeOps platform purpose-built for the Edge of Things. Its solution offers AI-powered edge computing and cybersecurity, making it easier for businesses to manage their IoT devices. Founded by Afzal Mawji and Calvin Chung, Springdel has become a leading player in the IoT industry, attracting clients such as HPE and Cisco.

infinityQ Technology: Advancing Enterprise Applications with Quantum Analog Computing

infinityQ Technology is a startup that is advancing enterprise applications with quantum analog computing. Its solution provides faster and more accurate computing, making it easier for businesses to process large amounts of data. Founded by Aurélie Hélouis and Kristina Kapanova, infinityQ Technology has become a leading player in the quantum computing industry, attracting clients such as D-Wave Systems and IBM.


Canada’s Enterprise startups are pushing the boundaries of technology, transforming industries and solving key challenges. From AI-powered business consulting to blockchain-powered trademarking, these startups are leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions. With their unique approaches and impressive growth in various industries, these startups are poised for continued success in the future. As technology continues to evolve, Canada’s Enterprise startups will continue to play a critical role in shaping the future of business and industries around the world.

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