Tech Disruptors of British Columbia: 15 Startups Taking the World by Storm

Unveiling the Innovative Internet Startups in British Columbia.

British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, is a hotbed of entrepreneurial talent, where groundbreaking ideas are nurtured and transformed into thriving startups. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 captivating internet startups based in British Columbia, each offering unique solutions across various industries. From revolutionizing electric mobility to spearheading advancements in blockchain and artificial intelligence, these startups are driving innovation and propelling the province’s economy forward. Let’s delve into their remarkable journeys and the transformative impact they are making.

Damon Motors: Pioneering Electric Motorcycles for Urban Mobility

Damon Motors is leading the charge in reshaping urban mobility with its cutting-edge electric motorcycles. Founded by Dominique Kwong, Jay Giraud, and Steven Lee, Damon Motors is committed to creating sustainable and exhilarating two-wheeled vehicles. Their innovative motorcycles blend advanced technology, performance, and safety features, offering a thrilling riding experience while reducing carbon emissions.

TerraZero Technologies: Unlocking the Potential of Web3 and Blockchain

TerraZero Technologies stands at the forefront of computer software development, specializing in Web3, Blockchain, 3D Modeling, and 3D Animation. With a vision to unleash the power of decentralized technologies, TerraZero empowers businesses and individuals to leverage the transformative potential of blockchain for secure and efficient data management, financial transactions, and beyond.

Proto: Empowering Conversations with Inclusive Chatbots

Proto is an emerging player in the field of inclusive chatbots and multilingual contact center automation. Their cutting-edge technology enables businesses to engage with customers seamlessly, breaking language barriers and enhancing customer experiences. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Proto helps companies deliver personalized and efficient customer support across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Cuboh: Streamlining Online Food Orders for Restaurants

Cuboh is a trailblazing developer of an application designed to automate online food orders for restaurants. With a focus on streamlining operations, Cuboh integrates seamlessly with various online platforms, consolidating orders into a single interface for efficient management. By simplifying the online ordering process, Cuboh empowers restaurants to enhance customer service, increase productivity, and boost revenue.

Big Whale Labs: Navigating the Waves of Web3 Social Innovation

Big Whale Labs is riding the waves of Web3 social innovation, making a splash in the world of cryptocurrency and internet-driven solutions. With a vision to revolutionize online interactions, Big Whale Labs leverages decentralized technologies to create inclusive platforms and communities, fostering collaboration and empowering individuals worldwide.

aDolus Technology Inc.: Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure with Cutting-edge Solutions

aDolus Technology Inc. provides a cloud platform that ensures the safety of critical infrastructure by brokering information about industrial control systems (ICS) and IoT software and firmware. By offering comprehensive security solutions, aDolus plays a vital role in protecting critical sectors from cyber threats, ensuring the reliability and resilience of essential services.

VINN Automotive Technologies: Redefining Automotive E-Commerce

VINN Automotive Technologies is transforming the automotive industry with its innovative e-commerce platform. By bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, VINN enables seamless transactions, making the car-buying process more convenient and transparent. With a user-centric approach, VINN aims to revolutionize how consumers connect with automotive dealerships.

Minerva Intelligence Inc.: Leveraging AI and Geospatial Data for Informed Decision-Making

Minerva Intelligence Inc. specializes in knowledge engineering, artificial intelligence, and geospatial data analytics. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Minerva empowers industries such as mining, insurance, and geospatial services to gain valuable insights from vast amounts of complex data. Their solutions enhance decision-making processes, improve operational efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.

ByteX: Empowering Users with a Non-Custodial CeDeFi Platform

ByteX is a trailblazing non-custodial CeDeFi (Centralized Decentralized Finance) cryptocurrency platform. By combining the best aspects of centralized and decentralized financial services, ByteX offers users a secure and user-friendly ecosystem for managing their digital assets, trading cryptocurrencies, and participating in decentralized finance protocols.

Pick My Brain: Unlocking the World’s Knowledge Marketplace

Pick My Brain is the world’s first global knowledge marketplace, revolutionizing the way people access and exchange expertise. By connecting knowledge seekers with knowledgeable professionals, Pick My Brain simplifies the process of one-on-one knowledge sharing. Whether you want to learn a new skill, gain insights from industry experts, or share your own expertise, Pick My Brain makes it easy to connect and collaborate.

Gaze: Revolutionizing Authentication with Passwordless Technology

Gaze is a trailblazer in the field of passwordless authentication. By offering a one-click authentication solution, Gaze eliminates the need for traditional passwords, enhancing security and user experience. With their innovative approach, Gaze enables seamless and secure access to various digital platforms, making online interactions more convenient and frictionless.

Orderinbox: Embracing the Metaverse with a Social Commerce Platform

Orderinbox is a pioneering blockchain-based social commerce platform poised to embrace the metaverse. By harnessing the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Orderinbox facilitates seamless transactions within virtual worlds, empowering creators, consumers, and traders to thrive in the rapidly evolving metaverse economy.

ROAR: Consolidating the Service Industry with a Powerful Marketplace App

ROAR disrupts the service industry by consolidating the customer experience into one powerful and user-friendly app. By connecting users with a wide range of service providers, ROAR simplifies the process of finding and booking services, enhancing convenience and efficiency. With their innovative marketplace, ROAR revolutionizes how individuals access and engage with service providers.

Viewpoint AI: Amplifying Human Skill Levels with AI-powered Decision Software

Viewpoint AI is an industry-leading AI-powered decision software company that combines human and machine intelligence. By leveraging the strengths of both, Viewpoint AI amplifies human skill levels, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making across diverse industries. With their cutting-edge solutions, Viewpoint AI enhances productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Manifold: Empowering NFT Creators and Communities with Innovative Tools

Manifold is a dynamic startup specializing in developing tools and products for NFT (Non-Fungible Token) creators and communities. With a deep understanding of the NFT landscape, Manifold provides creators with the necessary resources to mint, showcase, and monetize their digital assets. By empowering NFT communities, Manifold contributes to the growth and development of the vibrant digital art ecosystem.


British Columbia’s thriving startup ecosystem is home to a diverse array of internet startups, each pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. From Damon Motors’ visionary electric motorcycles to Viewpoint AI’s AI-powered decision software, these startups are reshaping industries and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. With their pioneering spirit and groundbreaking solutions, these British Columbia-based startups continue to make their mark on the global stage, solidifying the province’s position as a hub of technological advancement and entrepreneurial excellence.

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