Tech Geniuses of the North: 15 Alberta Startups Leading the Charge

Harnessing the Power of AI and IoT: Nanoprecise Sci Corp.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is at the forefront of revolutionizing predictive maintenance in the industrial sector. By combining the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, Nanoprecise accurately diagnoses faults in machines. With founders Prashant Verma and Sunil Vedula leading the charge, the company is making strides in the fields of Nanotechnology, Industrial Automation, and Software development.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Qube Technologies

Qube Technologies is dedicated to addressing environmental challenges by developing innovative solutions. Their IoT device, powered by AI, detects and reduces greenhouse gas emissions in oil and gas facilities. Under the guidance of founder Alex MacGregor, Qube Technologies is making waves in the domains of GreenTech, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Goodlawyer: Connecting Entrepreneurs with Legal Experts

Goodlawyer is a platform that facilitates connections between entrepreneurs and business-minded lawyers. With Brett Colvin and Thomas Alvarez as its founders, the company is making waves in the legal tech space. It serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to navigate the legal intricacies of starting and running a business.

Zept: Bridging the Gap for International Students and Universities

Zept offers a grade matching service that benefits both international students and universities. With Gregg Oldring and Tony Williams as its founders, Zept plays a significant role in simplifying the process of matching students with the right educational institutions.

MobSquad: Tackling the Talent Gap for Start-ups

MobSquad addresses the talent gap faced by start-ups by providing them with full-time technical talent. Founded by Irfhan Rawji, Kaylee Astle, and Reid Wuntke, MobSquad’s consulting services and expertise in Information Technology are invaluable assets for emerging businesses.

KnowHow: Empowering Blue-Collar Companies with Productivity Tools

KnowHow’s software tool is designed to enhance productivity and profitability for blue-collar companies. Founded by Leighton Healey and Travis Parker Martin, KnowHow streamlines operations, saves time, and helps companies avoid errors, resulting in increased efficiency.

Yr Plans: Empowering Employees with Financial Plans

Yr Plans is a developer of a financial platform that offers tailored financial plans for employees. Founder John Kenny leads the charge in providing innovative employee benefits and financial services through an accessible online platform.

Beautster: Simplifying Beauty Appointments

Beautster, founded by Ray Taghavi and Sina Jalali, is Canada’s top online platform for booking beauty appointments. By connecting beauty service providers with customers, Beautster has created a thriving marketplace for personal health and wellness services.

SafeContact: Fighting Hospital Acquired Infections with AI

SafeContact addresses the global healthcare challenge of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). Founded by Cliff Cote, Kevin Maloney, and Rod Schatz, SafeContact utilizes Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to enhance hospital safety and patient care.

Dot Dating App: Finding Love through Geolocation

Dot Dating App is a mobile application that facilitates finding dating partners based on geographical location and shared interests. With Parthesh Patel at the helm, the app simplifies the process of connecting with potential partners.

Wizebank: Revolutionizing Fintech Services

Wizebank, a fintech and software service-based company, is disrupting the financial services industry. With its focus on innovation and technology, Wizebank is driving change under the guidance of its visionary founders.

Embold: Simplifying Influencer Marketing

Embold aims to simplify influencer marketing through its platform. As a key player in the realms of Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Social Media, Embold’s founders strive to create efficient and effective marketing solutions.

Bidali: Paving the Way for Next-Generation Payments

Bidali’s payment platform empowers businesses to accept next-generation payments and drive business growth. With Cory Smith, David Luecke, and Eric Kryski leading the way, Bidali is transforming the landscape of financial transactions.

AI Shading: Innovating for a Greener Tomorrow

AI Shading is focused on reducing environmental footprints from homes and buildings. With Zack Zhang as its founder, AI Shading pioneers solutions in Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Smart Building, and Green Consumer Goods.

AMG Brands Network Inc.: Empowering Education through Digital Content

AMG Brands Network Inc. believes in the power of digital content to educate and inform. Founded by Anwar Abdi and Melissa Dimon, the company serves as a Canadian digital publisher, making a significant impact in the realms of Advertising, Content, and Publishing.


Alberta, Canada, is a hotbed of innovation, and these 15 internet startups are proof of that. With a diverse range of industries being revolutionized by technology, these companies are driving change, creating opportunities, and addressing pressing challenges. The entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation showcased by these startups underscore Alberta’s position as a hub for cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking ventures. As they continue to grow and expand their influence, these startups will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping the future of not only Alberta but the entire global business landscape.

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