Tech Titans: 15 Canadian Robotics Startups Poised to Dominate the Industry!

Transforming Industries with Cutting-Edge Robotics.

Canada is emerging as a hotbed for robotics startups, revolutionizing diverse sectors with their groundbreaking technologies. These innovative ventures are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to bring about unprecedented advancements in fields ranging from healthcare and agriculture to food and beverage. In this article, we explore 15 captivating robotics startups in Canada that are reshaping industries with their transformative solutions. Let’s dive in!

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation is on a mission to develop human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots. Their focus on artificial intelligence, industrial automation, machine learning, and robotics sets them apart in the industry. With Geordie Rose, Olivia Norton, and Suzanne Gildert at the helm, Sanctuary aims to unlock the full potential of intelligent robotics.

Able Innovations

Able Innovations is at the forefront of tackling the painful and inefficient problem of patient transfer in healthcare. Their robotic medical devices, backed by computer vision and advanced robotics technology, are revolutionizing the way patients are handled. Led by Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang, Able Innovations is making a profound impact in the health care sector.


Trendi employs AI-driven robotics to combat food waste in the far and food industry. They rescue and upcycle food waste into delicious products, reducing environmental impact. Carissa Campeotto and Craig McIntosh lead Trendi in their mission to revolutionize the food and beverage sector through sustainable practices.

Open Ocean Robotics

Open Ocean Robotics, an IT company, provides real-time information data to protect the oceans. Their solutions, encompassing consulting, information technology, and robotics, play a crucial role in preserving marine ecosystems. With Colin Angus and Julie Angus at the helm, Open Ocean Robotics is making waves in the industry.

Nexus Robotics Inc

Nexus Robotics Inc is developing a robot capable of pulling weeds out of vegetable crops, thereby enhancing agricultural efficiency. With a focus on agriculture, AgTech, farming, and robotics, Nexus Robotics aims to revolutionize the way we grow and harvest crops. Jad Tawil and Teric Greenan lead the charge at Nexus Robotics.

Barnstorm Agtech

Barnstorm Agtech is a robotic swarm-farming venture that provides an open platform for precision and powered deployment of farm technology. Their expertise in agriculture, AgTech, and autonomous vehicles is propelling the industry forward. Mitchell London and Parker Wells are the driving force behind Barnstorm Agtech’s innovative solutions.

Gastronomous Technologies

Gastronomous Technologies is revolutionizing the foodservice industry by developing a network of interconnected, autonomous cooking products. By combining their expertise in food and beverage, industrial automation, internet of things, restaurants, and robotics, Gastronomous is streamlining food preparation processes.


Sentire specializes in APIs and custom solutions for vision, particularly in the agricultural domain. With a focus on agriculture, artificial intelligence, computer vision, drones, horticulture, machine learning, and robotics, Sentire’s innovative solutions are empowering the agricultural sector. Mahsoo Salimi is a key figure in driving Sentire’s vision forward.


ROBOEATZ brings forth an autonomous robotic kitchen that cooks and serves fresh hot/cold custom meals, ensuring perfect contamination control. Their expertise in food processing and robotics is transforming the culinary landscape. Alex Barseghian, Alex Davidkhanian, and Janis Poruks are the masterminds behind ROBOEATZ’s robotic culinary revolution.


Relocalize builds micro-factories for food, aiming to transform the way we produce and distribute consumer goods. Their focus on food delivery, food processing, hardware, industrial automation, manufacturing, retail technology, and robotics sets them apart. Grant Jobb and Wayne McIntyre are driving Relocalize’s mission of decentralized food production.

Lemurian Labs

Lemurian Labs develops efficient, high-performance programmable hardware accelerators for edge AI and robotics workloads. Their expertise in application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), artificial intelligence, electronics, machine learning, robotics, and semiconductor is pushing the boundaries of AI-driven robotics. Jay Dawani and Vassil Dimitrov lead Lemurian Labs on their path to technological excellence.


Autonopia is a trailblazer in the integration of robotics in construction and property services. Their focus on artificial intelligence, construction, and robotics is revolutionizing the construction industry. With Hossein Kamali and Mohammad Dabiri leading the way, Autonopia is reshaping the future of construction practices.

Revolve Surgical

Revolve Surgical develops surgical robotics for use in operating rooms, enhancing precision and efficiency in medical procedures. Their expertise in the medical and robotics sectors makes a significant impact on the healthcare industry. Founders Alex Gordon, Matthew Kang, and Peter Francis are driving the growth of Revolve Surgical.

NeuPeak Robotics

NeuPeak Robotics develops autonomous robots to replace dexterity-intensive farm labor. With their expertise in AgTech, artificial intelligence, farming, and robotics, NeuPeak Robotics is revolutionizing the agricultural landscape. Anshul Porwal is a key visionary behind NeuPeak Robotics’ transformative solutions.


ENERZA provides a conditional risk assessment tool to electrical utility providers through autonomous on-wire robotic monitoring. Their focus on analytics, predictive analytics, and robotics is bolstering the electrical utility sector. ENERZA is spearheaded by visionary founders.


These 15 captivating robotics startups in Canada are driving innovation and reshaping industries with their transformative solutions. From enhancing healthcare and revolutionizing food production to safeguarding marine ecosystems and revolutionizing agriculture, these startups are at the forefront of technological advancements. Canada’s vibrant startup ecosystem continues to foster groundbreaking ventures that push the boundaries of robotics, paving the way for a future powered by intelligent machines. Keep an eye on these dynamic startups as they continue to redefine the possibilities of robotics and automation.

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