Tech Titans: These 15 Canadian Startups Are Changing the Game

As technology continues to evolve, Canada’s startup scene is experiencing rapid growth in various industries. From e-commerce to artificial intelligence, electric vehicles to blockchain, Canadian startups are pushing the boundaries and disrupting traditional industries. Here are 15 interesting Internet startups in Canada that are making waves in their respective industries.

Carbon6: Streamline Your E-commerce Operations

Carbon6 provides a software suite to help online entrepreneurs streamline everyday operations and improve profitability. With tools like product research, inventory management, and competitor analysis, Carbon6 is helping businesses make data-driven decisions. Co-founders Beau Crabill, Justin Cobb, and Kazi Ahmed founded Carbon6 in Toronto, Ontario.

PreVu3D: Reimagining Physical Spaces

PreVu3D® is a Montreal-based startup company that is reimagining the way we experience physical spaces. By creating 3D models of physical spaces, PreVu3D is helping architects, engineers, and real estate professionals visualize designs and make better decisions. Co-founders Nicolas Morency and team are transforming the architecture and real estate industries.

Damon Motors: The Future of Electric Motorcycles

Damon is an electric motorcycle company that is reshaping urban mobility. With their innovative technology, including collision detection, Damon is making riding safer and more accessible. Co-founders Dominique Kwong, Jay Giraud, and Steven Lee are based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp: Predictive Maintenance with AI

Nanoprecise is an AI & IoT company that is revolutionizing the field of predictive maintenance by accurately diagnosing faults in machines. Their technology is helping businesses prevent unexpected downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Co-founders Prashant Verma and Sunil Vedula are based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Properly: Tech-Enabled Real Estate Brokerage

Properly is a Canadian tech-enabled real estate brokerage transforming the home buying and selling experience. By using data-driven insights and offering flexible closing dates, Properly is making real estate more accessible and hassle-free. Co-founders Anshul Ruparell, Craig Dunk, and team are based in Toronto, Ontario.

Wrk: Simplifying Automation

Wrk makes automation insanely simple. Their platform helps businesses automate repetitive tasks, saving time and increasing productivity. Co-founders David Li, Mohannad El-Barachi, and team are based in Toronto, Ontario.

Hippoc: AI Tools for Marketing

Hippoc is an information technology company that develops artificial intelligence tools for marketing, design, and production agencies. Their AI-powered tools help businesses create more effective campaigns and improve customer engagement. The team is based in Montreal, Quebec.

Vosker: Remote Area Monitoring Technology

Vosker provides remote area monitoring technology using solar power and artificial intelligence. Their platform helps businesses monitor remote locations and track assets in real-time. Co-founders Danny Angers, Jimmy Angers, and Yan Gagnon are based in Montreal, Quebec.

Oxio: Connectivity Platform for the Internet

Oxio is a connectivity platform for the internet that changes the way people connect with their internet service provider (ISP). By providing a seamless connection experience, Oxio is making internet access more accessible and reliable. Co-founders Francis Careau, Marc-André Campagna, and team are based in Montreal, Quebec.

AutoLeap: Software to Grow Your Auto Repair Business

AutoLeap is the #1 software to grow your auto repair business. Their platform helps auto repair businesses manage their operations and increase customer satisfaction. Co-founders Rameez Ansari, Stephen Lau, and Steve Lau are based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

StreamingFast: Building the Web3

StreamingFast is a web3 builder and investor. Their platform provides blockchain infrastructure and real-time data solutions for developers and businesses. Co-founders Alexandre Bourget, Marc-Antoine Ross, and Mathieu Boulianne are based in Montreal, Quebec.

ChainSafe Systems: Blockchain Protocol and Infrastructure Development

ChainSafe Systems is a global leader in blockchain protocol and infrastructure development located in Toronto. They are helping businesses build decentralized applications and blockchain solutions. Co-founders Aidan Hyman, Elizabeth Kukka, and Gregory Markou are based in Toronto, Ontario.

Breathe Life: Enterprise SaaS Platform for Insurance Industry

Breathe Life is an enterprise Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, platform for the individual insurance industry. Their platform helps insurance providers streamline their operations and improve customer experience. Co-founders Arach Tchoupani, Ian Jeffrey, and Jean-Nicholas Hould are based in Montreal, Quebec.

CommerceBear: The Only Platform Built by Furniture, for Furniture

CommerceBear is the only platform built by furniture, for furniture. Their e-commerce platform helps furniture businesses streamline their operations and increase sales. Co-founders Sam Vlessing and team are based in Toronto, Ontario.

Mero Technologies: Commercial Facility Analytics for Property Managers

Mero Technologies provides commercial facility analytics for property managers. Their platform helps property managers optimize energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Co-founders Cole MacDonald, Nathan Mah, and team are based in Toronto, Ontario.


These 15 startups are just a small sample of the innovative companies that are emerging in Canada. They are reshaping traditional industries, improving customer experiences, and creating new opportunities for businesses. With Canada’s strong startup ecosystem and supportive government policies, we can expect to see more exciting companies emerge in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on Canada’s thriving startup scene.

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