The E-Learning Wave: 15 Canadian Startups Making Education Accessible to All

Embracing the Future of Education and Professional Development.

The world of education and professional development has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Traditional classroom settings are no longer the sole avenue for learning, thanks to the emergence of e-learning platforms. Canada, known for its innovation and technological advancements, has become a hub for groundbreaking startups in the e-learning space. In this article, we will showcase 15 interesting e-learning startups based in Canada that are revolutionizing the way we learn and develop.

Cognota (formerly Synapse)

Cognota is the first and only operations platform for Learning and Development teams. With a focus on collaboration and enterprise software, Cognota empowers organizations to streamline their training processes effectively. Founded by Josh Crohn, Ryan Austin, and Sebastian Leks, Cognota’s platform provides a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to enhance their training initiatives.


Uvaro offers a career success platform designed to equip professionals with the skills, coaching, and job opportunities needed to lead fulfilling careers. By merging e-learning, professional networking, and sales training, Uvaro has created a holistic approach to career advancement. Founded by Derek Hall, Donna Litt, and Joseph Fung, Uvaro is empowering professionals to achieve their career goals.


YOURIKA is a leader in artificial intelligence on a mission to make personalized learning more available and scalable.  They have developed AI models that can accurately predict student knowledge – the foundation for creating personalized and adaptive learning experiences at scale. They are using their technology to power Smart’n, a next generation learning support platform for time-constrained nurses to successfully attain their professional licenses and certifications in less time, with less stress at a fraction of the cost.  YOURIKA was founded by Rob Henderson, Shady Shehata, Dr. Fakhri Karray, and Drew Green.


DigitalEd is a cloud-based software company that specializes in providing online education solutions for science, engineering, and mathematics courses. Their e-learning platform offers comprehensive resources and tools for educators and students. Founded by C. James Cooper, DigitalEd is driving excellence in STEM education through their innovative software solutions.

Pick My Brain

Pick My Brain is the world’s first global knowledge marketplace, connecting individuals seeking knowledge with experts in various fields. As an e-learning and professional services platform, Pick My Brain facilitates one-on-one knowledge sharing on a global scale. By making knowledge accessible and actionable, Pick My Brain is transforming the way we learn and grow.


LearnExperts has developed a creator platform that leverages artificial intelligence to enable rapid course creation. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, LearnExperts is revolutionizing the e-learning landscape. Their platform empowers educators and content creators to develop engaging and impactful courses with ease.


TalkMaze aims to instill confidence in children aged 5-17 through personalized virtual public speaking and debate training. By providing tailored e-learning experiences, TalkMaze equips young learners with essential communication skills. Founded by Ghalia Aamer, TalkMaze is shaping the next generation of confident and articulate individuals.


Monark is a digital leadership guide that enables growth through a user-friendly app. With a focus on e-learning and software development, Monark offers a comprehensive leadership development solution. Founded by Amanda Julian and Kelsey Hahn, Monark is empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential.

UME Studio

UME Studio is an online platform that simulates in-person cohort learning and collaboration for training complex technologies and workflows. By combining e-learning, information technology, and training, UME Studio offers a unique and immersive learning experience. Founded by Daniel Roizman and Jean Mistrot, UME Studio is bridging the gap between virtual and in-person training.

Tech Spark Canada

Tech Spark Canada’s Spark Plug platform leverages data, AI, and curated content to personalize education for middle school students. With a focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, Tech Spark Canada is revolutionizing the way students engage with educational content. Founded by Tamar Huggins, Spark Plug is paving the way for personalized learning experiences in the classroom.

Course Studio

Course Studio is a cutting-edge learning experience designed specifically for the internet. With a focus on e-learning, Course Studio offers a modern and engaging platform for learners of all ages. Founded by Mark Proudfoot and Tonner Jackson, Course Studio is redefining the online learning landscape through its user-centric approach.


AltruWisdom is a subscription-based platform that provides Canadians with knowledge and tools to achieve financial resilience. With a focus on e-learning and financial services, AltruWisdom offers valuable insights and resources to help individuals make informed financial decisions. Founded by Alisha Mawji and Zakir Kanji, AltruWisdom is empowering Canadians to take control of their financial well-being.


Kritik is a peer-to-peer learning platform that fosters collaborative and constructive feedback among students. By facilitating peer assessments and evaluations, Kritik enhances the learning experience and encourages active engagement. Founded by Carine Marette, Mark Deepwell, and Mohsen Shahini, Kritik is revolutionizing the way students learn and grow through collective knowledge sharing.


Fluent is a chrome extension that provides language learning opportunities while users browse the web. With a focus on browser extensions, e-learning, and language learning, Fluent seamlessly integrates language acquisition into daily internet usage. Founded by Ara Ghougassian, Gavin Dove, and Olga Sanchís, Fluent is making language learning more accessible and convenient.


Mench is an e-learning platform dedicated to helping individuals learn better and faster. With a mission to unlock human potential, Mench provides a wide range of educational resources and tools. Founded by Miguel Hernandez and Shervin Enayati, Mench is empowering learners to achieve their goals and reach new heights.


The e-learning startups showcased in this article exemplify Canada’s thriving ecosystem of innovative educational technology companies. From collaborative learning platforms to AI-powered solutions, these startups are reshaping the way we acquire knowledge, develop skills, and pursue fulfilling careers. As the demand for flexible and accessible learning experiences continues to grow, these startups are at the forefront of delivering transformative educational solutions. With their passion for learning and commitment to innovation, these Canadian e-learning startups are leading the way towards a brighter future of education and professional development.

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