The Future Is Here: Meet the 15 Most Innovative Machine Learning Startups in Canada

As the world continues to advance technologically, machine learning has emerged as a key driver of innovation across various industries. In Canada, there are numerous startups leveraging the power of machine learning to transform the world we live in. Here are 15 exciting machine learning startups in Canada that are making a significant impact across different sectors.


Revolutionizing the Transportation Industry Waabi is an artificial intelligence company that is commercializing driverless trucks. With a focus on safety and reliability, Waabi is poised to transform the transportation industry.


The Future of Investment Strategies Delphia has developed an AI-powered investment strategy that helps people improve their data. The startup is focused on making asset management and financial services accessible to everyone.

Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corporation

Creating Human-Like Intelligence in Robots Sanctuary is developing general-purpose robots that possess human-like intelligence. The startup is leveraging machine learning to enable robots to perform complex tasks that previously only humans could do.

Enhancing Portfolio Management Outcomes is an AI startup that helps the global financial industry achieve better portfolio management outcomes. The company’s innovative platform is designed to enhance investment decisions by leveraging machine learning.


Sustainable and Reliable Energy Optimization BluWave-ai is a SaaS-based grid energy optimization platform that helps organizations make more sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy decisions. The startup is transforming the energy industry by leveraging machine learning and data analytics.

Private AI

Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Private AI is focused on developing privacy-preserving machine learning and natural language processing tools that enable privacy and GDPR compliance.

Arteria AI

Simplifying Contract Management Arteria AI is a machine learning startup that is simplifying contract management. The company applies artificial intelligence to the drafting, negotiation, and analysis of contracts.

Enabling Machine Learning and Analytics Products Across Distributed Data Silos is a SaaS startup that is focused on enabling developers to build machine learning and analytics products across distributed data silos.


Building Transformative Applications Using Applied AI AltaML provides technical and strategic expertise to build transformative applications using applied AI. The startup is leveraging machine learning and natural language processing to create innovative solutions for enterprises.


Next-Generation Customer Engagement for Life Sciences Industry ODAIA is driving next-generation customer engagement in the life sciences industry. The company’s AI-fueled Customer Data Platform is transforming the way companies engage with their customers.


Transaction Enrichment API for Applications and Mission-Critical Systems Spade develops transaction enrichment API to create applications and mission-critical systems. The startup is focused on helping companies leverage machine learning to create innovative solutions.

Perceiv AI

AI-Driven Precision Medicine Perceiv AI is leveraging machine learning to develop AI-driven precision medicine solutions that forecast disease progression. The startup is transforming the healthcare industry by enabling early detection and intervention.

Acerta Analytics

Improving Part Quality in Precision Manufacturing Acerta Analytics is focused on improving part quality in precision manufacturing through machine learning and AI. The startup’s innovative software solutions are helping manufacturers optimize their processes and reduce costs.


A Dropshipping Marketplace Serving 40,000 Merchants Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace serving over 40,000 merchants. The startup is leveraging machine learning to create a seamless and efficient platform for e-commerce businesses.

Korbit Technologies

Corporate Data Science and AI Training Korbit Technologies provides corporate data science and AI training powered by award-winning AI Tutors. The startup is helping businesses leverage machine learning and data analytics to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.


In conclusion, Canada is home to numerous innovative machine learning startups that are transforming various industries. These 15 startups are just a few examples of the exciting work being done in Canada’s technology sector. As machine learning continues to advance and become more widely adopted, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking startups emerge from Canada and other parts of the world. With their focus on innovation and creativity, these startups are poised to shape the future of our world in countless ways.

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