The Future is Now: 15 Canadian IoT Startups Redefining Connectivity

Unleashing the Power of Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly emerged as a transformative technology, connecting everyday objects to the internet and enabling data exchange and automation like never before. Canada, known for its vibrant startup ecosystem, has witnessed the rise of numerous innovative IoT startups. These companies are revolutionizing industries such as automotive, industrial automation, energy, logistics, and more. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable IoT startups in Canada that are pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving the country’s technological advancement.

Damon Motors: Reshaping Urban Mobility

Damon Motors is an electric motorcycle company that is reshaping urban mobility. With a strong focus on electric vehicles and IoT, Damon Motors offers sleek and high-performance motorcycles that are equipped with advanced safety features and connected technology. Their commitment to sustainable transportation solutions makes them a frontrunner in the automotive industry.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp: Pioneering Predictive Maintenance

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is an AI and IoT company that is revolutionizing the field of predictive maintenance. Their cutting-edge technology accurately diagnoses faults in machines, helping businesses enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, Nanoprecise is pushing the boundaries of industrial automation.

Vosker: Monitoring Technology for Remote Areas

Vosker provides remote area monitoring technology using solar power and artificial intelligence. Their innovative solutions leverage drones and advanced AI algorithms to monitor remote locations and gather critical data. Vosker’s technology finds applications in industries such as security, wildlife monitoring, and environmental conservation.

Mero Technologies: Analyzing Commercial Facilities

Mero Technologies offers commercial facility analytics for property managers. By harnessing the power of IoT and analytics, Mero Technologies enables property managers to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance tenant experiences. Their software solutions empower real estate professionals to make data-driven decisions and maximize efficiency.

Qube Technologies: GreenTech for Oil and Gas Facilities

Qube Technologies is developing an IoT device that uses AI to detect and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at oil and gas facilities. Their innovative approach to reducing environmental impact has the potential to transform the energy sector. By combining artificial intelligence, IoT, and machine learning, Qube Technologies is driving sustainable practices in the industry.

Zept: Simplifying International Education

Zept is a grade matching service for international students and universities. By leveraging IoT and service industry expertise, Zept streamlines the university application process and facilitates seamless connections between students and educational institutions. Their platform enhances the experience of international students and helps universities attract diverse talent.

Springdel: Unlocking the Potential of Edge Computing

Springdel takes enterprise beyond cloud and device management with the world’s only EdgeOps platform purpose-built for the Edge of Things. By combining artificial intelligence, big data, and cybersecurity, Springdel empowers businesses to harness the full potential of edge computing. Their platform ensures secure and efficient operations in the era of IoT.

aDolus Technology Inc.: Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

aDolus Technology Inc. provides a cloud platform to safeguard critical infrastructure by brokering information about ICS and IoT software and firmware. With a strong focus on cybersecurity, aDolus helps organizations mitigate risks associated with industrial automation and IoT systems. Their platform plays a crucial role in protecting critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

Hop In Technologies: Empowering Transportation Logistics

Hop In Technologies offers transportation logistics software to enable and amplify sustainable economic development. By leveraging IoT and smart city technologies, Hop In Technologies optimizes transportation systems, reduces congestion, and improves overall efficiency. Their innovative solutions are driving the transformation of transportation logistics.

TROES: Smart Power Energy Storage

TROES is a Canadian company developing smart power energy storage technologies, products, and solutions. Their focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency makes them a key player in the green technology space. By combining IoT and renewable energy, TROES is contributing to a sustainable future.

Autoly: Transforming Auto Trading with AI

Autoly turns auto trading into a highly entertaining experience using AI to make the buyer, seller, and owner’s journey more fun and less stressful. Their innovative platform, powered by artificial intelligence and big data, enhances the e-commerce experience for automotive enthusiasts. Autoly’s unique approach is redefining the automotive industry.

Taiv: Revolutionizing TV Advertising

Taiv replaces commercials on live TV so that businesses can show more relevant advertisements instead. By leveraging IoT and digital signage technologies, Taiv delivers targeted and personalized advertising experiences to viewers. Their platform benefits both businesses and consumers by enhancing the relevance and impact of TV advertising.

Gastronomous Technologies: Advancing the Foodservice Industry

Gastronomous Technologies is revolutionizing the foodservice industry by developing a network of interconnected, autonomous cooking products. By leveraging IoT and robotics, Gastronomous Technologies enhances efficiency and consistency in commercial kitchens. Their innovative solutions help restaurants optimize their operations and deliver high-quality food experiences.

Doorr: Reinventing the Home-Buying Experience

Doorr is reinventing the home-buying experience. By leveraging IoT and financial technology (FinTech), Doorr simplifies and streamlines the complex process of buying a home. Their platform empowers homebuyers with the tools and resources they need to navigate the real estate market more efficiently.

BehrTech: Enabling Massive-Scale Industrial IoT

BehrTech offers a wireless connectivity platform that is purpose-built for massive-scale Industrial IoT (IIoT) networks. Their robust and reliable wireless solutions enable seamless connectivity in industrial environments, driving operational efficiency and enhancing data-driven decision-making. BehrTech’s innovation paves the way for the advancement of the Industrial IoT sector.


The IoT startups showcased here represent a diverse range of industries and technologies, each making significant contributions to Canada’s innovation landscape. From reshaping urban mobility to revolutionizing industrial automation and sustainability, these startups are driving technological advancements and bringing disruptive solutions to the market. As Canada continues to foster a supportive environment for startups, we can expect even more exciting developments in the IoT space. These startups are setting the stage for a connected future where everyday objects work together seamlessly, enabling a smarter and more efficient world.

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