The Future of Consulting: 15 Canadian Startups You Should Know About

Unlocking the Potential of Canadian Startups.

Canada has emerged as a hotbed for innovative startups across various industries, including management consulting. These forward-thinking companies are revolutionizing the way businesses approach strategy, operations, and growth. In this article, we will showcase and delve into the fascinating world of 15 management consulting startups in Canada. Their disruptive solutions, diverse expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit are reshaping the landscape of consulting services in the country.

Indie Tech: Transforming Supplier Management

Indie Tech is an innovative supplier management system that aims to streamline operations and optimize supply chain efficiency. With a focus on enterprise software, FinTech, and risk management, Indie Tech empowers businesses to enhance their supply chain management processes. Led by founder Sophia G. Contreras Stone, the company is paving the way for effective and dynamic supplier collaboration.

El Arras & Partners: Tackling Complex Business Challenges

El Arras & Partners is a leading strategy and management consulting firm that boasts a global network of experts. With a unique value proposition, El Arras & Partners specializes in solving complex business challenges faced by organizations. From consulting to strategy implementation, their seasoned professionals are equipped with the skills to drive transformative change.

Blue/Meta: Enhancing Digital Experiences

Blue/Meta is dedicated to making digital experiences more accessible to medium-sized businesses. By mapping and optimizing the customer journey through technology, Blue/Meta assists companies in improving their brand marketing, CRM, digital marketing, and UX design. Founder Nick Bideshi and his team are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge digital solutions to businesses across Canada.

Fastloop: Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics

Fastloop offers consulting services that revolve around data analytics and advanced marketing strategies. With a strong focus on analytics and internet marketing, Fastloop equips businesses with the tools and insights necessary to make data-driven decisions. Breedon Grauer and Trevor Carr, the founders of Fastloop, are dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital era.

Less Platform: Revolutionizing Logistics Management

Less Platform is a logistics optimization and management platform that excels in enterprise route planning, logistics supply, and transportation. By leveraging information services, technology, and management consulting, Less Platform enables organizations to enhance their logistics operations. Vardan Markosyan, the founder of Less Platform, is driving innovation in the logistics industry.

ABT: Fintech Innovations through AI and Blockchain

ABT specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies, providing data analysis in areas such as ESG, crypto assets, and private equity. As a fintech company, ABT utilizes AI and blockchain to deliver cutting-edge solutions for data analysis. Their expertise in machine learning and financial services sets them apart in the industry.

Devotek Construction: Leading Construction Management

Devotek Construction is a trusted name in construction management, project management, and consulting services. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has made them a go-to partner for various construction projects. With a team of seasoned professionals, Devotek Construction delivers quality solutions to clients across Canada.

Cansulta: The Future of Consulting

Cansulta is an e-consulting platform that connects businesses with experienced consultants across various industries. With an emphasis on management consulting, Cansulta offers a wide range of expertise to support organizations in their growth and development. Founder Alexandra Kapelos-Peters and her team are revolutionizing the consulting landscape.

Tadum: Revolutionizing Team Collaboration

Tadum is a SaaS web app designed to enhance team collaboration and productivity. With features like online shared meeting agendas and project management capabilities, Tadum helps teams stay organized and accountable. Founded by Ashley Janssen and Dana Janssen, Tadum is streamlining the way teams work together and achieve their goals.

eHelply Software: Empowering Organizations with Software Solutions

eHelply Software is a leading provider of software solutions that cater to the needs of modern organizations. From project management to web design, eHelply Software offers a range of services that empower businesses to succeed in the digital age. Founders Jennifer Herasymuik and Shawn Clake are committed to delivering high-quality software solutions.

ConnectUs Global: Enabling Asset and Personnel Tracking

ConnectUs Global specializes in offering dual-frequency UWB solutions for asset and personnel tracking. With their badges, tags, and receivers, businesses can streamline operations and enhance efficiency. In the realm of enterprise software and information technology, ConnectUs Global is making a significant impact.

CScience IA: Bridging the Gap between AI and Organizations

CScience IA is a media platform that provides credible information on the social, ethical, and economic impacts of AI on organizations. By exploring topics like artificial intelligence and machine learning, CScience IA helps businesses navigate the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Through their insights and expertise, they bridge the gap between AI and organizations.

Hilltop Partner Network: A Community of Consulting Experts

Hilltop Partner Network is a member network that brings together independent consultants and specialist firms. With a focus on business development, cybersecurity, and information technology, Hilltop Partner Network connects organizations with the right expertise to drive growth and innovation. Geoff Besko, Kevin Roberts, and Renée Riglin are the driving forces behind this collaborative community.

Tidal Equality: Transforming Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Tidal Equality is a tech-enabled strategy firm that operates at the intersection of diversity and inclusion and social change. By offering innovative solutions, Tidal Equality helps businesses integrate inclusive practices and foster social impact. With a commitment to social change, Tidal Equality is driving transformation in management consulting.

Health City: Catalyzing Innovation in Healthcare

Health City plays a pivotal role in catalyzing and accelerating innovations in healthcare. With a focus on healthcare, life sciences, and non-profit sectors, Health City supports the development and implementation of groundbreaking solutions. Their efforts are instrumental in transforming the Canadian healthcare landscape.


These 15 management consulting startups in Canada are at the forefront of innovation and disruption. From leveraging advanced technologies like AI and blockchain to transforming logistics and construction management, these startups are reshaping industries across the country. With their cutting-edge solutions, diverse expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit, these companies are paving the way for a prosperous future. As they continue to push boundaries and drive change, Canadian startups are poised to make a significant impact on the global consulting landscape.

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