The Next Big Thing: 15 Canadian B2B Startups on the Rise

Canada’s startup ecosystem is thriving with cutting-edge B2B (business-to-business) companies that are revolutionizing various industries. These startups are leveraging technology, innovation, and unique business models to solve complex challenges and meet the evolving needs of businesses. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 exciting B2B startups in Canada that are making waves across different sectors.

Traction Complete

Description: Traction Complete is a leading SaaS provider that specializes in building a suite of Salesforce apps for Revenue Operations professionals. With a focus on CRM, lead management, and sales automation, Traction Complete empowers businesses to enhance their productivity and drive revenue growth.


Description: frenter is a dynamic B2B startup that is transforming the rental industry. By offering a comprehensive SaaS solution, frenter empowers rental businesses with tools and technologies to streamline operations, optimize inventory management, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Description: Audette is a B2B SaaS platform that focuses on carbon-free planning in corporate real estate. By leveraging innovative energy efficiency and management solutions, Audette enables businesses to reduce their carbon footprint while optimizing their real estate portfolios.


Description: TRADE X is an interactive global automotive trading platform designed exclusively for dealers. By leveraging advanced technology, TRADE X facilitates seamless B2B transactions, connecting dealers worldwide and expanding their opportunities within the automotive industry.


Description: Haloo is a B2B startup that aims to simplify and accelerate the trademarking process. Leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, Haloo’s platform, Heirlume, offers a more accurate, affordable, and efficient solution for businesses seeking to protect their trademarks.

MedMe Health

Description: MedMe Health is a patient care platform that empowers pharmacists to schedule, conduct, and track clinical services effectively. By leveraging B2B solutions in healthcare, MedMe Health enhances patient care and enables pharmacists to deliver personalized services.


Description: Wavy is a B2B startup that helps companies create and maintain a thriving company culture, regardless of their employees’ physical location. By leveraging human resources and information technology, Wavy’s marketplace offers innovative tools and resources for remote work environments.


Description: Formaloo provides businesses with a unique no-code platform to build custom apps. By combining elements of collaboration, consumer research, and developer tools, Formaloo enables businesses to create tailored applications effortlessly.


Description: Bliinx is a sales acceleration platform tailored for product-led growth (PLG) companies. By leveraging business intelligence, enterprise software, and sales automation, Bliinx empowers businesses to enhance their sales processes and drive revenue growth.


Description: Peekage is a B2B insight technology platform that generates proprietary consumer insights through targeted at-home product trials. By combining elements of e-commerce, enterprise software, and retail, Peekage provides businesses with invaluable consumer data and enhances their decision-making process.


Description: Omnisearch is an enterprise search service that specializes in unstructured data. With support for various file types such as audio, video, PDFs, and more, Omnisearch’s B2B solution helps businesses efficiently search, analyze, and extract valuable information from vast amounts of unstructured data.

Concrete Ventures

Description: Concrete Ventures is a pre-seed venture capital firm with a focus on investing in Atlantic Canadian startups. By providing funding and strategic support, Concrete Ventures plays a vital role in nurturing the growth of innovative B2B startups in the region.


Description: WealthAgile is an AI-driven smart crypto platform designed for investors. By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sophisticated algorithms, WealthAgile offers powerful tools and insights to help investors navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency market.


Description: TeamGram is a sales technology platform tailored for suppliers in the construction industry. By offering comprehensive CRM and sales management solutions, TeamGram empowers construction suppliers to streamline their sales processes, improve customer relationships, and drive business growth.


Description: Quadshift is a B2B SaaS company that specializes in acquiring and building software companies in niche vertical markets. By consolidating and integrating software solutions, Quadshift provides businesses with powerful and specialized tools to meet their unique needs.


The Canadian startup ecosystem continues to foster innovative B2B startups that are reshaping industries across the country. From SaaS providers revolutionizing revenue operations to platforms transforming the rental industry, these startups are driving efficiency, productivity, and growth. Through their cutting-edge technologies, unique business models, and relentless pursuit of excellence, these 15 B2B startups are setting the stage for a prosperous future of business in Canada.

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