The Next Big Thing in Healthcare? These 15 Ontario Medical Startups

Ontario is home to a thriving medical startup scene, with innovative companies leading the charge in developing groundbreaking technologies and solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. From cancer detection to robotic medical devices and digital therapeutics, the startups on this list are at the forefront of healthcare innovation in Canada.

Adela: Revolutionizing Cancer Detection with Routine Blood Tests

Adela is a health diagnostics company focused on developing a routine blood test for the detection of cancer and other high-morbidity, high-mortality conditions. With the goal of making cancer detection more accessible and affordable, Adela’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach cancer screening.

Able Innovations: Developing Robotic Medical Devices for More Efficient Patient Transfer

Able Innovations is developing robotic medical devices to tackle the painful and inefficient problem of patient transfer in healthcare. By using computer vision and robotics, their devices can safely and efficiently transfer patients between beds, stretchers, and chairs, reducing the risk of injury for both patients and healthcare workers.

Rocket Doctor: Telemedicine Marketplace Bringing Doctors to Patients’ Homes

Rocket Doctor is a telemedicine marketplace that enables physicians to bring an advanced doctor’s office directly to patients’ homes. Their platform allows patients to access virtual appointments with licensed healthcare providers, receive medical advice and prescriptions, and order lab tests and medications, all from the comfort of their own home.

BoomerangFX: A Medically-Focused SaaS Company

BoomerangFX is a medically-focused SaaS company that provides solutions for the healthcare industry. Their software enables healthcare providers to streamline their operations, manage their patients’ data, and access advanced analytics to improve patient care and outcomes.

Wisedocs: Rethinking Medical Assessment Workflows

Wisedocs equips businesses with medical insights by rethinking the way they manage medical assessment workflows. Their technology automates and streamlines the medical assessment process, making it faster and more efficient for both patients and healthcare providers.

Lilia: Home Fertility Startup Serving as Egg Securing Concierge

Lilia is a home fertility startup that serves as an egg securing concierge for busy people who want the option of having kids later. Their platform enables women to freeze their eggs and store them for future use, giving them more control over their reproductive health and family planning.

Oncoustics AI: Applying AI to Ultrasound Signals for Low Cost Diagnostics and Treatment Monitoring

Oncoustics AI applies AI to raw ultrasound signals for low cost diagnostics and treatment monitoring of structural diseases. By leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, their technology can improve the accuracy and reliability of ultrasound imaging, leading to better patient outcomes.

Cosm Medical: Digital Urogynecology for Pelvic Floor Disorders

Cosm Medical is commercializing the world’s first Gynethotic for Pelvic Floor Disorders, a device that uses digital urogynecology to diagnose and treat conditions related to the pelvic floor. Their innovative technology offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgical procedures, making treatment more accessible and affordable for patients.

Homecoming: Patient Engagement Tools for Psychedelic Therapy

Homecoming is a provider of patient engagement tools for psychedelic therapy. Their platform enables therapists to monitor patients’ progress, provide personalized care, and offer support throughout the therapy process, leading to better patient outcomes and improved mental health.

Acorn Biolabs: Cryopreserving People’s Healthy Young Cells for Future Regenerative Treatments

Acorn Biolabs is cryopreserving people’s healthy young cells for use in future regenerative treatments. By banking cells when they are young and healthy, their technology offers a potential solution to age-related diseases and injuries, providing patients with access to life-saving treatments.

AtomVie Global Radiopharma: Global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

AtomVie Global Radiopharma is a global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization that specializes in the production of radiopharmaceuticals for medical use. Their technology enables the development of innovative treatments for a range of diseases, including cancer and neurological disorders.

myCaribou: Digital Platform for Medical Device Manufacturers and Distributors

myCaribou is a digital platform where medical device manufacturers and distributors from around the world can build and manage successful partnerships. With over 42,000 members from 150+ countries, their platform enables businesses to connect and collaborate, leading to more efficient and effective distribution of medical devices.

NURO: Manufacturer of Patented PAD and NUOS Technologies for Alzheimer’s and Communication by Brain

NURO is the manufacturer of the patented PAD and NUOS technologies for Alzheimer’s disease and Communication by Brain, respectively. Their innovative technologies offer potential solutions to some of the most challenging neurological disorders, providing hope for patients and their families.

Flora Growth: Leveraging Natural Cultivation Practices for Cannabis

Flora Growth is a cannabis company that leverages natural cultivation practices to produce high-quality cannabis products. Their technology enables them to grow cannabis in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, providing patients with access to safe and effective medical treatments.

AgeRate: Real-Time Tracking of Aging with Biotechnology Platform

AgeRate develops a biotechnology platform that helps track aging in real time. Their technology enables patients to monitor their health and wellness, identify potential health risks, and make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.


These 15 startups represent the best and brightest in Ontario’s medical startup scene. With innovative technologies and solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry, they are paving the way for a brighter and healthier future for all. From cancer detection to regenerative treatments, telemedicine to patient engagement tools, these startups are making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and effective for patients around the world.

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