The Rise of Toronto’s Tech Titans: 15 Computer Startups to Watch

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a hotbed of technological innovation, and its computer startup scene is flourishing. With a myriad of groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge solutions, these startups are making waves in various industries, from blockchain and artificial intelligence to health care and e-commerce. Let’s dive into the world of Toronto’s most interesting and promising computer startups.

Figment: Empowering the Web 3 Ecosystem

Figment is a dynamic startup dedicated to supporting the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web 3 ecosystem. Their focus on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, network security, and software solutions positions them at the forefront of the decentralized future. Founded by Andrew Cronk, Lorien Gabel, and Matt Harrop, Figment is contributing significantly to the evolution of digital finance.

Able Innovations: Transforming Healthcare with Robotics

Able Innovations is on a mission to tackle the painful and inefficient problem of patient transfer in healthcare through the development of robotic medical devices. By leveraging computer vision, robotics, and social impact initiatives, founders Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang are revolutionizing the medical industry and improving patient care.

Altrio: Revolutionizing Real Estate Capital Markets

Altrio is making a significant impact on the real estate industry by bringing capital markets online. With a focus on computer technology and real estate investment, founders Jon Simpson and Raj Singh are streamlining and enhancing real estate transactions through innovative digital solutions.

Daily Blends: The Future of Automated Fridges

Daily Blends is using artificial intelligence to power automated fridges, making high-quality food easily accessible. With a core focus on computer software, this startup, led by Shriya Gupta, is set to disrupt the way we interact with food distribution and convenience in various settings.

WeavAir: Breathing New Life into Air Distribution Systems

WeavAir is at the forefront of developing end-to-end software and hardware solutions for air distribution systems that prevent air contamination and infections. Founded by Natalia Mykhaylova, this startup’s work in computer hardware, network security, and software is contributing to healthier indoor environments across industries.

TAKU Retail: Empowering Retailers with a Versatile Commerce Platform

TAKU Retail is offering the most flexible and cost-effective all-in-one commerce platform for retailers. With a focus on computer technology, e-commerce, point of sale systems, and retail software, founders Amin Tizdastazar, Don Kang, and Karen Wong are transforming the way retailers conduct business in the digital age.

Syntax IQ: Enabling Retailers with Content Organization

Syntax IQ, a software company founded by Paul Wynter, is empowering retailers to generate and organize content effectively. Leveraging computer vision, marketing automation, and natural language processing, this startup is streamlining content management for retailers and marketers alike.

Neat: Simplifying SaaS Notifications

Neat is revolutionizing the way we receive software-as-a-service (SaaS) notifications with its curated menubar app. Founded by Nuel Edeh and Ted Spare, Neat’s focus on computer software and web apps is enhancing productivity and focus for tech enthusiasts and professionals.

HUEX Labs: Empowering Businesses with Voice-Enabled Digital Assistants

HUEX Labs is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and speech recognition technologies. Founders Anik Seth, Jiping Sun, and Kiran Kadekoppa have developed voice-enabled digital assistants that help businesses manage customer conversations in real-time industry environments.

Altius Analytics Labs: Revolutionizing Workplace Ergonomics

Altius Analytics Labs is making workplaces safer by providing accurate ergonomic risk identification. Leveraging big data, computer vision, machine learning, and software solutions, founders Abdelhamid El Bably and Benjamin Lee are empowering companies to create safer and healthier work environments.

Matdun: Advancing Consumer Electronics with AI

Matdun is pushing the boundaries of consumer electronics with a focus on artificial intelligence, computer vision, electronics, and security. Co-founded by Hitesh Dundi and Suresh Matha, Matdun’s innovative products promise to reshape our interactions with everyday electronics.

Machine Learning Estimation: Empowering Construction with AI

Machine Learning Estimation is a cloud-based platform providing quantity take-offs from construction drawings. Co-founded by David Yang and Michael Lawton, this startup’s work in computer vision, construction, and machine learning is streamlining construction estimation processes.

Kiri Innovation: Pioneering 3D Scanning Reconstruction Technology

Kiri Innovation is paving the way for 3D scanning reconstruction technology. Although limited information on the founders is available, their work in computer technology and electronics is likely to shape the future of manufacturing and design.

Fortius Labs: Advancing Injury Prevention Services for Sports Professionals

Fortius Labs is empowering health, fitness, and sports professionals with innovative injury prevention services. With a focus on computer vision, health care, and sports, founders Abdelhamid El Bably and Benjamin Lee are making sports and fitness safer and more enjoyable for athletes and enthusiasts alike.


Toronto, Canada, is home to a vibrant and diverse community of computer startups, each offering unique and transformative solutions across various industries. From blockchain to artificial intelligence, these startups are pushing the boundaries of technology and driving innovation forward. As these companies continue to grow and make their mark on the global stage, they are positioning Toronto as a formidable player in the world of tech startups. The future looks promising as Toronto cements its position as a thriving hub for computer innovation in Canada.

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