The Top 15 E-Commerce Startups in Toronto, Ontario

Discover the Innovative Online Businesses Making Waves in Canada's Biggest City

Toronto, Ontario, is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the e-commerce sector is no exception. From skincare to estate planning, the city is home to a diverse range of online businesses that are disrupting traditional retail models. Here are the top 15 e-commerce startups in Toronto to keep an eye on:

Carbon6: Streamlining Online Operations for Entrepreneurs

Carbon6 provides a software suite to help online entrepreneurs streamline everyday operations and improve profitability. Founded by Beau Crabill, Justin Cobb, and Kazi Ahmed, Carbon6 is revolutionizing the way e-commerce businesses operate.

Vetster: Connecting Pet Owners with Veterinary Professionals

Vetster is the largest and fastest-growing marketplace of veterinary professionals for telemedicine and telehealth appointments. Founded by Mark Bordo and Regan Johnson, Vetster is making it easier for pet owners to access quality veterinary care.

Swyft: Same-Day Delivery for Brands and Retailers

Swyft is a B2B marketplace offering same-day delivery for brands and retailers. Founded by Aadil Kazmi, Maraz Rahman, and Zeeshan Hamid, Swyft is helping businesses streamline their logistics operations and provide a better customer experience.

Nextech AR Solutions: Augmented Reality for E-Commerce

Nextech AR Solutions is a publicly traded Metaverse company specializing in augmented reality solutions, spatial mapping, and 3D models. Founded by Evan Gappelberg and Nikhil Sawlani, Nextech AR Solutions is transforming the e-commerce experience with its innovative technology.

CommerceBear: The Platform Built for Furniture, by Furniture

CommerceBear is the only platform built by furniture, for furniture. Founded by Sam Vlessing, CommerceBear is helping furniture businesses streamline their operations and grow their online presence.

Three Ships: Skincare and Services

Three Ships is a skincare and services company. Founded by Connie Lo and Laura Burget, Three Ships is dedicated to providing natural and effective skincare products.

Boxhub: Revolutionizing Intermodal Shipping Containers

Boxhub is a leading online platform on a mission to revolutionize the way intermodal shipping containers are traded, transported, and used. Founded by Maximilian Birner and Philip Skov, Boxhub is making logistics more efficient and sustainable.

ShopThing: E-Commerce Shopping App and Live Video Selling

ShopThing is an e-commerce shopping app and live video selling product. Founded by Maggie Adhami-Boynton, ShopThing is helping businesses provide a more interactive and engaging online shopping experience.

Sleek: 1-Click Checkout from Every Store on the Internet

Sleek is a browser extension that enables users to do 1-click checkout from every store on the internet. Founded by Adam MacEachern, Daniel Baum, and Palmer McCutcheon, Sleek is making online shopping faster and more convenient.

Rebelstork: Buying and Selling Used Baby Gear at a Reduced Price

Rebelstork is enabling the buying and selling of overstock, open-boxed, and used baby gear at a reduced price. Founded by Emily Hosie, Rebelstork is helping parents save money and reduce waste.

Brokrete: Storefront Solution for Construction Commodities

Brokrete is a storefront solution for construction commodities. Founded by Jean-Francois Olivier and Jordan Latourelle, Brokrete is helping contractors and builders save time and money on construction materials.

Willful: Online Estate Planning Made Easy

Willful is an online estate planning platform that makes it easier to prepare for and deal with death. Founded by Erin Bury and Kevin Oulds, Willful is helping people protect their loved ones and their assets.

alder: Direct-to-Consumer Outdoor Apparel for Women

alder apparel is an e-commerce, direct-to-consumer line of outdoor apparel designed for women. Founded by Mikayla A. Wujec and Naomi Blackman, alder is dedicated to providing women with functional and stylish outdoor wear.

Liquid MarketPlace: Buying and Selling High-Valued Collectibles

Liquid MarketPlace platform facilitates buying and selling of high-valued collectibles, including Pokémon and sports cards. Founded by a team of entrepreneurs, Liquid MarketPlace is a must-visit site for collectors and enthusiasts.

GoodGood: Discovering Specialty Treats and Niche Beverages

GoodGood is creating a better kind of local commerce, helping neighborhoods discover specialty treats and niche beverages. Founded by Kris Linney and Robert Kim, GoodGood is dedicated to providing unique and high-quality products to its customers.


These 15 e-commerce startups in Toronto are leading the way in innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. From logistics to healthcare, they are revolutionizing the way we shop and consume products. If you’re interested in the latest trends in e-commerce, be sure to keep an eye on these innovative startups.

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