Startup Showcase: Above Food – Revolutionizing the Plant-Based Food Industry in Regina, Saskatchewan

Plant-based food is gaining traction all over the world as people become more health-conscious and environmentally aware. Companies that provide healthy, plant-based food alternatives are witnessing a surge in demand, and one such company is Above Food. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Above Food is a B2B plant-based protein company that specializes in the development of whole food products. The company focuses on a supply chain from “field-to-fork” to ensure that customers understand the complete journey of their food.

With a mission to deliver dense, nutritious, sustainable, and superior food products, Above Food has developed its own technology for producing world-class texture and flavor of plant-based foods. These trademarked manufacturing technologies include TXTexturized Xtrusion and Precision Flavouring, both created to address the most important variables of plant-based foods, which are taste and texture.

The Genesis of Above Food

Above Food was founded in 2020 by four food industry veterans who have extensive experience stretching across the entirety of the complex food production ecosystem. Lionel Kambeitz, CEO and Executive Chairman, Donato Sferra, Executive VP, Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Development, Tyler West, CEO and President of Purely Canada Foods Corp., and Martin Williams, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Above Food Brands came together with a shared vision of creating a plant-based food company that could deliver on the promise of healthy, sustainable, and delicious food.

Supply Chain Management and Quality Ingredients

Above Food maintains a chain of custody of their plant proteins throughout the food production value chain, delivering food to customers and consumers at affordable prices. The company sources its proteins and ingredients, which include peas, lentils, fava beans, oats, and chickpeas, only from the highest-quality producers in the world. By doing so, Above Food is able to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

Oat-Based Products

Above Food has acquired two companies producing world-class oat-based food products: Only Oats and Culcherd – Dairy Alternatives, enabling Above Food to meet the rising demand for oat milk and other plant-based dairy products and meats. The acquisition of these companies has provided Above Food with a competitive edge in the oat-based food product market. Only Oats is a leading Canadian brand that specializes in gluten-free oats, while Culcherd is a producer of nut-based cheese and butter.

Impactful Technology

One of the unique aspects of Above Food is the company’s focus on technology that has enabled them to create an array of plant-based food products that taste great, have a good texture and are also nutritious. The TXTexturized Xtrusion and Precision Flavouring technologies have been developed in-house by Above Food and are now trademarked. These technologies are crucial to the success of Above Food, as they allow the company to produce plant-based food products that are comparable to their animal-based counterparts in terms of taste and texture.

Above Food’s vision is to create a healthier, more sustainable food industry that is better for people and the planet. With its focus on quality ingredients, supply chain management, and impactful technology, Above Food is on the right path towards achieving this goal.


In conclusion, Above Food is a plant-based food company that is leading the way in the production of healthy, sustainable, and delicious food products. The company’s unique approach to supply chain management, quality ingredients, and technology is transforming the plant-based food industry in Regina, Saskatchewan, and beyond.



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