Uncovering the Hidden Gems: 15 Apps Startups Flourishing in Quebec

Revolutionizing Industries through Innovative Apps and Technologies.

Quebec, Canada, is becoming a hotbed for technological advancements and startup innovations. Among the numerous emerging companies, several apps startups have caught our attention with their groundbreaking ideas and transformative solutions. From AI-powered drone management to gamified financial education for families, these startups are reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Join us as we explore 15 fascinating apps startups in Quebec and delve into their captivating journeys towards success.

Vosker: Remote Area Monitoring Technology

Vosker pioneers in remote area monitoring technology, leveraging solar power and artificial intelligence (AI). Their innovative approach combines drones, the internet of things (IoT), and AI algorithms to provide comprehensive surveillance in remote areas. Founders Danny Angers, Jimmy Angers, and Yan Gagnon have successfully harnessed cutting-edge technologies to address security challenges in remote regions.

ENDVR.io: Empowering Retail Employees

ENDVR.io is a platform that revolutionizes the retail industry by rewarding employees for learning and driving sales. By offering instant cash and prizes, this app motivates retail staff to enhance their knowledge and boost sales performance. Co-founded by Jaffray Hill and Steve Gendron, ENDVR.io transforms traditional employee training into a gamified and rewarding experience.

Silofit: On-Demand Private Gyms

Silofit introduces a novel concept by providing a network of private, on-demand gyms that can be rented by the hour using their app. Adrien Caranta, Johan Rosell, and Wilfred Valenta, the founders of Silofit, aim to make fitness more accessible and convenient for individuals who value privacy and flexibility in their workout routines.

WALO: Gamified Financial Education for Families

WALO is a gamified mobile app that empowers parents to teach their kids financial responsibility. By offering interactive tools and challenges, WALO instills valuable financial literacy skills in children while creating a fun and engaging learning environment. Founders Chloé Guillemard, Parth Gadhiya, and Rim Charkani believe that early financial education lays a strong foundation for future financial success.

Depix: AI-Powered Photo Editing

Depix provides AI photo-editing solutions through its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. With a focus on social media and photography enthusiasts, Depix utilizes AI algorithms to enhance photo editing processes. Founders Dwayne Elahie, Mathieu Garon, and Mathieu Saint-Denis have made photo editing more accessible and efficient for users seeking professional-quality results.

PlayFitt: Fitness Platform Fusing Sports Analytics and Machine Learning

PlayFitt combines expertise in sports analytics, machine learning, and video games to offer a unique fitness platform. By gamifying exercise routines and integrating personalized coaching, PlayFitt motivates users to achieve their fitness goals. The founders of PlayFitt are revolutionizing the fitness industry by making workouts more engaging and enjoyable.

Crewdle: Decentralized Video Conferencing for Privacy and Sustainability

Crewdle is disrupting the video conferencing landscape by decentralizing the technology, ensuring privacy, and achieving environmental sustainability. With breakthrough economics and an innovative approach, founders Pierre Campeau and Vincent Lamanna are making video conferencing more accessible while preserving privacy and reducing the carbon footprint.

Nook: Collaborative Mobile Calendar Application

Nook offers a collaborative mobile calendar application that enhances productivity and simplifies scheduling. By streamlining communication and coordination, Nook improves efficiency for individuals and teams. The Nook app, created by a team of dedicated founders, aims to revolutionize the way people organize and manage their schedules.

TherAppX: Simplifying Access to Curated Health Software

TherAppX provides healthcare organizations with an ecosystem to simplify access to curated health software for their patients. By offering a wide range of health-related applications, TherAppX enables healthcare providers to improve patient care and outcomes. Alexandre Chagnon and Michael Cardinal are driving innovation in the healthcare industry through their transformative platform.

Timechain: All-in-One DeFi DEX Ecosystem

Timechain offers an all-in-one decentralized finance (DeFi) decentralized exchange (DEX) ecosystem across Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH). Through their algorithm-powered automated market maker (AMM), Timechain provides access to the best swap rates and liquidity. Founder Louis Cleroux and his team are revolutionizing the cryptocurrency and fintech industries with their comprehensive DeFi solution.

Rise Financial: The Corporate Card for Savings

Rise Financial has introduced a corporate card that focuses on savings. By providing tailored perks and optimizing financial management, Rise Financial empowers businesses to save money while offering convenience to employees. Founder Ryan Sd is revolutionizing corporate banking and reshaping the financial services landscape.

Grolift: Grocery E-Commerce and Fleet Management

Grolift is a grocery e-commerce startup that streamlines the shopping experience through their mobile app. With an emphasis on efficient fleet management and reliable delivery, Grolift provides a seamless shopping solution for busy customers. Founders Ghassan Khalil and Hugo Prince are transforming the grocery industry through their innovative app-based approach.

PivoHub: Craft Beer Ordering for Brewers and Retailers

PivoHub is a B2B craft beer ordering platform that simplifies the process of selling and purchasing craft beers. By connecting brewers with retailers through their app, PivoHub revolutionizes the distribution of craft beers and promotes the growth of the craft beer industry. Founders Christopher Gregoire, Mathieu Gagnon, and Nicolas Degardin are creating new opportunities for brewers and retailers alike.

AceBy, Inc.: Connecting Customers with Local Professionals

AceBy is a mobile app that bridges the gap between customers and local professionals for freelance work. By facilitating connections and providing a platform for collaboration, AceBy enhances the freelance experience for both clients and professionals. Founder Derrick Agyiri has built a platform that connects talent with opportunity, fostering growth in the freelance industry.

ShuttleControl: Streamlining Pickup and Delivery Management

ShuttleControl offers an all-in-one pickup and delivery management platform designed to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. Through their innovative app, founders Edward Maxedon and Jean Marc Turk optimize logistics and provide businesses with the tools they need to deliver exceptional service.


These 15 remarkable apps startups in Quebec, Canada, exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that defines the region. From cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning to revolutionary concepts in finance, fitness, and healthcare, these startups are reshaping industries and creating a lasting impact. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible, these visionary founders are driving Quebec’s tech ecosystem forward and positioning it as a hub of innovation on the global stage. Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to disrupt and transform industries, making a mark in the vibrant startup landscape of Quebec, Canada.

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