Unearthing Fortunes: 15 Pioneering Precious Metals Startups in BC

Discover the Most Exciting Precious Metals Startups Shaping British Columbia's Mining Landscape.

The beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada, is not just blessed with breathtaking landscapes; it also boasts a rich abundance of precious metals waiting to be discovered. In recent years, a new wave of innovative startups has emerged, dedicated to exploring and developing gold, silver, copper, and other valuable minerals in the region. These ventures are driven by visionary founders and cutting-edge technologies, with the ultimate goal of unlocking the full potential of British Columbia’s mineral resources. Let’s take a closer look at 15 of the most promising precious metals startups fueling this exciting journey.

Luminex Resources

Luminex Resources is a company focused on gold and copper projects. With its commitment to exploration and development, Luminex is at the forefront of unlocking the untapped potential of precious and base metals in British Columbia.

Artemis Gold

Artemis Gold is a well-financed gold development company with a growth-oriented approach. The company aims to create significant value for its shareholders while contributing to the sustainable development of British Columbia’s mining industry.

MCF Energy

Specializing in the identification, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties, MCF Energy plays a crucial role in the energy and precious metals sectors in British Columbia.

P2 Gold

P2 Gold is dedicated to exploring, financing, and developing mining projects with a focus on precious metals. With a strong foothold in the industrial and mining industries, P2 Gold is actively contributing to the region’s economic growth.

Nev Gold

Nev Gold stands out as a company focused on mineral exploration, offering district-scale exploration and resource potential in geopolitically stable jurisdictions.

Ngex Minerals

As a copper and gold exploration company, Ngex Minerals contributes to business development and the advancement of precious metals exploration in British Columbia.

First Helium

First Helium is a private exploration, production, and development company that focuses on the essential gas helium, adding to the region’s diverse natural resources landscape.

Fosterville South Exploration

A key player in the mining sector, Fosterville South Exploration specializes in gold mining projects, making valuable contributions to the precious metals industry in British Columbia.

USHA Resources

USHA Resources is a junior exploration company with a focus on early-stage high-grade metal projects. With a commitment to exploration, USHA Resources is uncovering new opportunities for precious metals mining in the region.

Summa Silver Corp

Summa Silver Corp is a mineral exploration company that focuses on high-grade silver and gold on the Hughes Property in Tonopah, Nevada. With its focus on precious metals, Summa Silver is shaping the future of mining in British Columbia.

Nova Royalty

Nova Royalty is dedicated to acquiring royalties on deposits of copper and nickel. By establishing strategic partnerships, Nova Royalty contributes to the sustainable development of precious metals extraction in the region.


BeMetals specializes in the acquisition of quality exploration, development, and production stage base metals projects. Their expertise is driving progress in the precious metals mining industry in British Columbia.

Solaris Resources

Solaris Resources is making strides in copper and gold exploration, contributing to the growth and discovery of valuable resources in the Americas.

GoldShore Resources

GoldShore Resources is a gold development company supported by a leading management group, board of directors, and advisory board. Their expertise and backing are paving the way for significant developments in the precious metals sector in British Columbia.

Ridgeline Minerals

Ridgeline Minerals is a gold and silver exploration company, actively contributing to the growth and advancement of precious metals exploration in British Columbia.


British Columbia’s mining industry has witnessed a surge of innovative startups dedicated to unlocking the full potential of precious metals in the region. With cutting-edge technologies and visionary founders, these 15 startups are shaping the landscape of the precious metals sector in British Columbia. As they continue to explore, develop, and harness valuable resources, the province is set to embark on a remarkable journey of sustainable growth and prosperity. These ventures exemplify the spirit of innovation and the passion for uncovering the hidden treasures that lie beneath the majestic terrains of British Columbia.

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