Unmasking Toronto’s Enterprise Gems: 15 Startups on the Rise

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has emerged as a hotbed of innovation, hosting a diverse range of startups that are revolutionizing various industries. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most interesting and promising enterprise startups that call Toronto home. These startups are pushing the boundaries of technology and business solutions, contributing to the growth and dynamism of the Canadian startup ecosystem.

Cognota: Transforming Learning and Development

Cognota, formerly known as Synapse, is redefining the landscape of Learning and Development (L&D) operations. Serving as the first and only operations platform for L&D teams, Cognota streamlines collaboration, training, and enterprise software management. Founded by Josh Crohn, Ryan Austin, and Sebastian Leks, Cognota’s impact on education and professional development is undeniable.

Integrate.ai: Unlocking the Power of Distributed Data

Integrate.ai is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup with a mission to empower developers to harness the potential of machine learning and analytics across distributed data silos. Founded by Steve Irvine, Integrate.ai focuses on integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and enterprise software to provide innovative solutions for businesses operating in diverse industries.

Haloo: Revolutionizing Trademarking with Blockchain

Heirlume, operating under the name Haloo, is transforming the complex process of trademarking through blockchain technology. By making trademarking faster, more accurate, and affordable, Julie MacDonell and Sarah Ruest have brought blockchain and enterprise software into the world of B2B and cryptocurrency.

Feroot Security: Protecting Web Applications in the Cyber Age

In an era dominated by digital threats, Feroot Security steps up to the plate with a platform designed to safeguard client-side javascript code of web applications against cyberattacks and compliance violations. Ivan Tsarynny and Vitaliy Lim founded Feroot Security to address the pressing need for cyber security solutions in enterprise software.

GrowerIQ: Navigating Compliance in the Cannabis Industry

Navigating the complexities of the cannabis industry requires robust solutions, and GrowerIQ is answering the call. Providing a comprehensive Cannabis Management Platform, Andrew Wilson and his team have combined enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and compliance to support cannabis businesses in a rapidly evolving landscape.

TRIYO: Unleashing Data Intelligence in Enterprise Communication

TRIYO brings data intelligence to the forefront of enterprise communication. Puneet Malhotra and Rajiv Chatterjee established TRIYO as a hub for analytics, document management, and productivity tools. With a focus on capturing communication activities, TRIYO enhances data-driven decision-making within organizations.

Cinchy: Redefining Data Integration

Cinchy’s Dataware platform is turning traditional data integration on its head. Dan DeMers and Karanjot Jaswal spearheaded Cinchy’s mission to eliminate integration challenges within enterprises. By providing a collaborative environment, Cinchy empowers organizations to seamlessly manage and leverage their data.

Indie Tech: Empowering Supplier Management

Indie Tech is making waves in the realm of supplier management with its innovative platform. Sophia G. Contreras Stone has created a solution that combines enterprise software, FinTech, and risk management. By connecting suppliers and businesses, Indie Tech streamlines operations and enhances transparency.

Peekage: Revolutionizing Consumer Insight

Peekage is a B2B insight technology platform that generates proprietary consumer insight through targeted at-home product trials. Milad Zabihi and Sina Roshan’s startup bridges the gap between consumer behavior and enterprise software, helping businesses refine their strategies based on valuable insights.

HILO: Empowering Building Operators with SaaS

HILO’s SaaS platform empowers building operators to enhance tenant attraction, revenue generation, and operational efficiency. Founded by David Abrams, Kirk Stephens, and Oz Solomon, HILO’s impact extends across commercial and residential real estate, redefining how spaces are managed and optimized.

DGT Network: Building Open Ecosystems with Web3

DGT Network is at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, enabling enterprises to build open ecosystems while retaining control and governance. Alexander Khvatov, Ksenia I., and Valery Khvatov have harnessed blockchain, data integration, and FinTech to create a hybrid network that reshapes the way businesses collaborate and innovate.

Benefi: Enhancing Talent Engagement through Innovation

Benefi’s platform revolutionizes talent engagement by offering a better way to issue signing and retention bonuses. Blair Taylor and Patrick Dunn’s FinTech solution taps into consumer lending and enterprise software, empowering companies to attract, retain, and engage top talent.

Blackwatch Digital: Safeguarding Crypto Assets

Christopher McGarrigle leads Blackwatch Digital’s efforts to provide top-notch cybersecurity solutions in the realm of cryptocurrency through their platform, Dark Vault. By combining cloud security, enterprise software, and FinTech, Blackwatch Digital addresses the urgent need for robust protection in the digital age.

Arc Compute: End-to-End Optimization of GPU Infrastructure

Arc Compute is a leading expert in the low-level optimization of GPU infrastructure, helping organizations bring their AI models to market faster. Arc’s software, ARC HPC, enables 100% GPU utilization​, maximizes GPU performance, and reduces hardware requirements.

Unicorn Dojo: Pioneering Employee Skill Sharing

Unicorn Dojo is pioneering employee-to-employee skill sharing through their innovative enterprise software. With a focus on operationalizing skill sharing within innovative companies, Unicorn Dojo is transforming how organizations harness their internal expertise.


The Toronto enterprise startup landscape is a vibrant testament to the city’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Each of these startups contributes to the evolving fabric of business solutions, harnessing cutting-edge technology to address complex challenges across industries. From blockchain-driven trademarking to AI-powered data intelligence, Toronto’s startups are at the forefront of enterprise software, reshaping how businesses operate, collaborate, and thrive in the digital age.

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