Unstoppable: 15 Canadian Startups That Are Redefining Business as We Know It

The startup landscape in Canada is thriving, with a multitude of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) making waves across various industries. These innovative ventures are not only contributing to economic growth but also revolutionizing the way business is conducted. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable SMB startups that are redefining their respective sectors.

Relay: Redefining Banking for Growing Businesses

Relay has emerged as a digital bank tailored to the needs of growing businesses. With a focus on seamless data integration and financial services, Relay provides a comprehensive solution for SMBs. Founders Paul Klicnik and Yoseph West have combined their expertise to create a platform that addresses the unique challenges faced by businesses as they scale.

TeamGram: Revolutionizing SalesTech for the Construction Industry

TeamGram is a game-changer in the construction industry, offering sales technology solutions to suppliers. Through its CRM and SaaS offerings, the startup, founded by Ahmet Yurekli, Orkun Pesinci, and Pinar Gorsev, empowers construction suppliers to streamline their sales processes and enhance customer relationships.

PivoHub: Crafting Success in B2B Beer Ordering

PivoHub is reshaping the B2B landscape by providing craft brewers with a user-friendly platform to sell their products to retailers. Christopher Gregoire, Mathieu Gagnon, and Nicolas Degardin have combined their passion for craft beer with technological innovation, creating an e-commerce hub that benefits both brewers and retailers.

Koridor: Simplifying Business Management with ERP Software

Koridor is revolutionizing small to medium-sized businesses through its comprehensive ERP SaaS software. Founder Joohyung Lee has developed a platform that encompasses business development, CRM, project management, and more, catering to the diverse needs of SMBs in the modern business landscape.

Sherpa ERP: Navigating Business Management Challenges

Candice Weingartner, Jason Ratzlaff, and Megan Dyck have founded Sherpa ERP, providing small and medium-sized businesses with an all-in-one management solution. This SaaS platform enables businesses to efficiently manage various aspects of their operations, contributing to enhanced productivity and growth.

PlasticSpot: Bridging Patients and Medical Practitioners

PlasticSpot, founded in Western Canada, is making waves in the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry. By connecting patients with qualified medical practitioners, Ricky Grewal’s venture is leveraging technology to facilitate informed choices and seamless scheduling, enhancing the overall patient experience.

rewardly: Transforming Social Media Engagement into Rewards

Harsh Pujara’s rewardly has created a novel approach to advertising and customer engagement. Through its social cashback marketplace, the startup transforms everyday customers into brand advocates, encouraging social media sharing and fostering loyalty through rewarding experiences.

Vencru: Empowering SMBs with Comprehensive SaaS Solutions

Ben Ofili and Chika Ofili’s Vencru is empowering small businesses through its SaaS platform. By providing insights into sales, expenses, inventory, and accounting, Vencru enhances visibility and control, enabling SMBs to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Moselle: Streamlining Supply Chain Operations

Lakhveer Singh Jajj and Traci Cheng are the driving forces behind Moselle, a digital platform that streamlines sourcing, ordering, and scheduling goods from suppliers. This e-commerce solution is catering to the unique challenges faced by SMBs in managing their supply chains efficiently.

ChicBear Boutique: Where E-commerce and Fashion Converge

Charlee Letendre’s ChicBear Boutique stands at the intersection of e-commerce and fashion. This boutique and clothing line venture exemplifies how technology can be harnessed to promote personal branding, enhance shopping experiences, and deliver fashion to the masses.

InputKit: Enhancing Customer Feedback Management

Jean-Philippe Fong and Philippe Genois have founded InputKit, a SaaS platform that specializes in customer feedback management. By offering intuitive solutions for collecting and analyzing customer insights, InputKit empowers SMBs to refine their offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

Eimhe: Sharing and Addressing Feelings through Technology

Eimhe, founded by passionate innovators, introduces a technology platform that facilitates the sharing, understanding, and addressing of feelings. While details about the founders are limited, their vision for a more emotionally connected world is evident through their venture.

Crunch Fource: Making Digital Marketing Accessible

Crunch Fource is making waves in the digital marketing realm by offering budget-friendly solutions. Although founder details are not provided, the startup’s mission to democratize digital marketing resonates with SMBs aiming to establish a strong online presence.

Autimo: Navigating the IT Landscape

Autimo is an IT consultancy firm providing solutions architecture, cloud-native development, and cloud consultation services. While founder information is not included, Autimo’s role in guiding SMBs through the complexities of the IT landscape is noteworthy.

Yalty Software: Enhancing Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Doug Buchanan’s Yalty Software specializes in e-commerce, customer retention, conversion rates, mobile game applications, and loyalty programs. Through its technological solutions, Yalty Software empowers SMBs to foster customer loyalty and drive growth.


The Canadian startup ecosystem is a testament to the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit thriving in the country. These 15 SMB startups exemplify the diverse range of industries and niches where innovation is making a significant impact. From digital banking to emotional sharing platforms, these ventures are shaping the future of business in Canada and beyond. As these startups continue to evolve and disrupt their respective sectors, they serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder of the potential for innovation in even the most traditional industries.

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