Unveiling the Logistics Titans: 15 Startups Reshaping Ontario’s Supply Chain

Paving the Path for Seamless Logistics Solutions.

Ontario, Canada, is witnessing a surge in logistics startups that are reshaping the way goods and services are delivered and managed. These innovative companies are harnessing technology, sustainability, and automation to provide efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solutions for businesses and consumers alike. In this article, we’ll explore 15 remarkable logistics startups based in Ontario that are leading the charge in transforming the industry.

Swyft: Empowering Brands with Same-Day Delivery

Swyft is a cutting-edge B2B marketplace that caters to brands and retailers, offering them same-day delivery services. Founded by Aadil Kazmi, Maraz Rahman, and Zeeshan Hamid, Swyft is making waves in the e-commerce and logistics sectors, ensuring swift and reliable deliveries for businesses and customers.

Boxhub: Revolutionizing Intermodal Shipping Container Trade

Boxhub is an industry-leading online platform that seeks to revolutionize the way intermodal shipping containers are traded, transported, and utilized. Co-founded by Maximilian Birner and Philip Skov, Boxhub is a game-changer in e-commerce, industrial, and supply chain logistics.

Hop In Technologies: Spearheading Smart Transportation Logistics

Hop In Technologies is a pioneering startup that offers transportation logistics software, empowering sustainable economic development. With a focus on IoT, smart cities, and transportation, Hop In Technologies was founded by Boyd Reid and Erich Ko, aiming to shape the future of logistics.

Tyltgo: Enabling Efficient Courier and Supply Chain Management

Tyltgo is dedicated to providing top-notch courier, logistics, and supply chain management services to small businesses and enterprises. Co-founded by Aaron Paul and Jaden Pereira, Tyltgo is a reliable partner for businesses seeking seamless and efficient delivery solutions.

Zygg: Making Ebikes Simple and Affordable for Everyone

Zygg is a consumer-centric startup that offers “Ebikes-as-a-Service,” making electric bikes accessible and affordable for all. Founded by Kevin McLaughlin, Zygg aims to transform the way people commute, ensuring sustainable and convenient transportation options.

NuPort Robotics: Pioneering Autonomous Driving in Logistics

NuPort Robotics is at the forefront of autonomous vehicles and logistics. With their cutting-edge technology, they are shaping the future of supply chain management. Founded by Bao Xin Chen and Raghavender Sahdev, NuPort Robotics is making self-driving trucks a reality.

Friendlier: Championing Sustainable Reverse Logistics

Friendlier provides innovative reverse logistics software to support businesses transitioning from single-use to reusable packaging. With a focus on sustainability, Friendlier was founded by Jacquie Hutchings and Kayli Dale, contributing to a greener future for logistics.

Shipvista.com: Your Smart Shipping Partner

Shipvista.com is a B2B platform that specializes in smart shipping solutions. With a strong emphasis on supply chain management and software, Shipvista.com offers efficient and reliable shipping services to businesses. Founded by Kelvin Oben, this startup is gaining traction in the industry.

FlashBox: Empowering Businesses with Same-Day Delivery Solutions

FlashBox offers a comprehensive last-mile delivery solution tailored to businesses. With a focus on delivery services and software, FlashBox ensures swift and efficient same-day deliveries. Founded by Mehdi Nayebi and Mehrshad Pezeshk, this startup is making waves in the logistics sector.

PAVE.AI: Revolutionizing Vehicle Inspection through AI

PAVE.AI is a game-changer in vehicle inspections, leveraging AI and smartphone technology. With their guided vehicle inspection process, they make vehicle assessments convenient and accessible. Founded by Brian Steinhauser and Stephen Southin, PAVE.AI is reshaping automotive logistics.

RedLore: Harnessing IoT and AI for Smart Logistics Solutions

RedLore specializes in IoT and AI-based smart logistics solutions. With a focus on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, RedLore aims to optimize logistics operations. Founded by Niek Van Dierdonck, this startup is driving innovation in the industry.

AONE CANADA INC: A Multifaceted Logistics Solution Provider

AONE CANADA INC is a versatile startup that offers ride-sharing, food and groceries delivery, local air transport, soft logistic, and courier services. Founded by Abayomi Oladipupo, this company is making its mark in various segments of the logistics industry.

ReturnBear: Simplifying Omnichannel Reverse Logistics

ReturnBear provides an efficient omnichannel reverse logistics network that streamlines the return process for businesses and consumers. With a focus on e-commerce and internet logistics, ReturnBear aims to enhance customer experience.

Cargoflip: A Comprehensive Solution for International Shipments

Cargoflip is a one-stop solution for businesses looking to manage their international shipments seamlessly. With their expertise in logistics and supply chain management software, Cargoflip was founded by Dmitri Amariei and Prateek Gaur to simplify international trade.

Ribbit: Enabling Pilotless Airlines for the Future

Ribbit is at the forefront of the aerospace and autonomous vehicle sectors, aiming to operate pilotless airlines. Founded by Carl Pigeon and Jeremy Wang, Ribbit is driving the future of transportation and logistics.


These 15 remarkable logistics startups in Ontario, Canada, are showcasing the power of innovation and technology in revolutionizing the industry. From same-day deliveries and autonomous driving to sustainable logistics solutions, these startups are addressing diverse challenges and delivering unparalleled value to businesses and consumers. As they continue to grow and evolve, Ontario’s logistics landscape is poised for a bright and efficient future.

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