Which Alberta Mobile App Startups are Revolutionizing Canada’s Tech Industry?

As Canada Venture, we focus on highlighting innovative startups on the rise. Today, we turn our spotlight to Alberta, specifically, their mobile app sector. With a thriving tech ecosystem, Alberta is nurturing numerous startups, each more unique than the last. Here, we feature 15 of these interesting startups, including apps that cater to various industries, catering their services to various media. Below we’ll discuss about these startups, their work, the sectors they cater to and the people behind their conception.

These diverse startups bring many innovative solutions to the table, including food delivery services, apps catering to healthcare and ones related to the gaming industry. These apps certainly show their innovative spirit, by paving the way to a future of digitalization and providing services catered to the current generation. In these times where technology is at its peak, these startups really shine in their creative solutions to everyday problems.

Though diverse in their fields, they all share a common trait- they are all mobile-friendly. Emphasizing the importance of mobile technology and how influential it has become in our lives, these startups are utilizing the platform to reach out to a wider audience. Essentially, they hinge their relevance on the accessibility provided by mobile technology and its pervasive nature.


Ordr is an enterprise-level SaaS platform that specializes in enhancing experiences within venues. The platform is designed towards food and beverage services, and food delivery. The masterminds behind Ordr are entrepreneurs and innovators Evan Wain and Jade Chiles.


DiveThru is a unique startup whose purpose is to connect the current generation with therapy resources. The platform offers this both online and in-person. Sophie Gray is the founder of this startup lending itself towards healthcare, media entertainment, and psychology sectors.

Cherry Health

Cherry Health is a medical career network designed to solve systemic healthcare problems. Founders Jordan Vollrath and Maximilian Kerz provide users with tools and the network required to enhance their medical careers.


Realm provides unique digital experiences by acquiring AAA licenses to major gaming content. Realm is the brainchild of Dustin Nanos, Edward Ord, and Eric Faust and plays a significant role in the gaming industry, specifically console and MMO games, online games, and PC games.


GreenGreen is a fintech firm that provides payment and credit services. The firm was started by Kamil Nemec and does not just function as a payment platform but also allows in-store and online payment options.

Memory Anchor Inc.

Memory Anchor Inc. has the unique purpose of being a location technology platform for cultural and historical organizations. This startup was founded by Matthew Cudmore and Ryan Mullens.

Dot Dating App

Dot Dating App is a great platform for individuals looking to find a dating partner based on geographical location and interests. This dating app was created by Parthesh Patel in an effort to make online dating more accessible.


Vencru is a SaaS platform for small businesses, designed to provide easy visibility into their sales, expenses, inventory, and accounting. This startup was founded by Ben Ofili and Chika Ofili.

Story City

Story City, created by Emily Craven, is a no-code platform for creators to create interactive stories that only open in the right location. This startup is perfect for creatives looking to get their works out there.


Plastk is a consultancy that specializes in improving credit scores, credit cards, insight, and premium rewards for its customers. This startup paves the way in financial services, gift cards, and consulting sectors.


Rambody, a brainchild of Farzan Havaee, is a personalized training mobile app that empowers trainers to create personalized video workout plans for their clients at an affordable price. This startup caters to the fitness and healthcare industry.


Carbeeza is an online platform that connects auto consumers and dealers to facilitate a fully informed interaction. The startup was founded by Sandro Torrieri and has a significant role in the automotive and e-commerce sectors.


Eimhe is a technology platform that allows people to share, understand, and address their feelings. The startup specializes in mobile-based solutions targeted at small and medium businesses.

Winterwind Inc.

Winterwind Inc. is a software development agency that specializes in website development, mobile app development, and blockchain development. This startup was founded by Anthony Vipond.


Launch57 leverages leading multi-platform technologies to deliver faster and affordable end-to-end turnkey IT solutions. The startup has an impact in the enterprise software, ICT, and mobile apps space.

Each of these startups has brought a unique and innovative solution to the table. Through creative problem-solving and ground-breaking ideas, these startups continue to thrive in the evolving tech ecosystem of Alberta. It’s exciting to anticipate where these startups will lead us in the future.

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