Which Are Ontario’s Most Influential Business Intelligence Startups in 2023?

Ontario, a province renowned for its vibrant startup ecosystem, is home to a multitude of burgeoning Business Intelligence startups. This ever-growing arena is characterized by enterprises leveraging data and analytical models to provide meaningful insights and aid in strategic decision-making. While several industries benefit from these startups’ services, they particularly thrive in the new age businesses powered by artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud data services. Here, we present15 innovative Ontario-based Business Intelligence startups you should be watching!

Data Sentinel

Data Sentinel is a distinguished provider of Data Trust and Compliance platforms for businesses. Built by Kevin Downey and Mark Rowan, Data Sentinel operates in the Business Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, Language Learning, and Machine Learning industries. Visit their website here

Proof Zero

Proof Zero is an enterprise that specializes in turning data complexity into opportunity. Founders Adrian Maurer and Alexander Flanagan have successfully positioned the company within the Big Data, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Cyber Security, Fraud Detection, Identity Management, Internet, Software industry. Learn more about them here.


Co-founders Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes developed Evidence, an open-source code-based business intelligence tool. Operating in Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Information Technology, Software sectors, Evidence is a promising startup. Visit their website here.

DGT Network

DGT Network, spearheaded by Alexander Khvatov, Ksenia I., and Valery Khvatov, is a Web3 hybrid network facilitating enterprises to build open ecosystems while retaining total governance and control. Discover more about them here


Zagitas, the brainchild of Carlos Secada and Joel Moreno, is a company that implements Digital Robots using Automation & AI to carry out mundane tasks from employees. Learn more here.

The Happenin Company

The Happenin Company Digitizes and simplifies group bookings for social occasions & experiences. Arjun Mali, Bin Liu, and Charles Plant are successful founders of this startup. Find more about the services they offer here


Pulsee, co-founded by Roomi Khurshid, is a Business Intelligence startup with NFC Cars & Jewellery in its portfolio. Visit the Pulsee website here


XLSCOUT is a patent data engineering company that uses leading AI technologies to develop an intelligent patent & research publication database. This innovation is the work of Jitin Talwar, Komal Sharma Talwar, and Pranav Sharma. Learn more here

Atlys Networks

Amir Noorafkan’s Atlys Networks is a mobile application platform also offering services in Business Intelligence, Data Storage, Database, Information Services, Mobile Apps, Service Industry. To know more, visit their website here


DataTorch, founded by Michael Nguyen, is a unique data annotation platform operating within the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Data Integration. More about DataTorch can be found here

Emergence Labs

Emergence Labs is a software development company that offers technology & customer lifecycle consulting services. Discover more about them here


Shiftproxy is an industry-leading public data collection and web scraping solution startup. Find out more about their services here

Acies Ai

Acies AI, founded by Jonathan Keebler, partners with various payment gateway to provide turn-key Business Intelligence tools for the payment industry. Visit them here


Branchfy, founded by Marco Andrade, is an SaaS startup offering services in Business Intelligence, Enterprise Applications, Professional Networking. To know more, visit their website here


Leadbright is an AI platform for website demand generation and revenue growth, founded by Martin Borowski. Leadbright operates in several industries including Artificial Intelligence, B2B, Big Data, Business Intelligence, and more. Find more about them here

These innovative startups are transforming the way businesses across various industries function by leveraging data-driven insights, highlighting the immense potential of Business Intelligence to revolutionize industries.

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