Which Calgary, Alberta Oil and Gas Startups Are Shaping 2023’s Industry?

Calgary, Alberta, known for its rich reservoirs of oil and gas, has given rise to numerous startups currently innovating and making strides in the industry. They are not only contributing to Canada’s economic development but also transforming the energy sector by incorporating environmental sustainability and efficiency. This article profiles 15 startups that are making an impact in Calgary’s oil and gas industry.

These startups are applying cutting-edge technology and innovative business models to meet the challenges of the sector. At the same time, many of them incorporate eco-friendly practices into their operations to reduce environmental harm. These Calgary-based companies are diverse, yet their common denominator is their emphasis on advancing the energy sector sustainably and efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies, what they do and, how they are transforming the oil and gas industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Westgen Technologies

Westgen Technologies operates in the remote power generation sector. They utilise sustainable practices to lower the costs related to development, simultaneously improving environmental sustainability. Industries they serve include Energy, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability.


Co-founded by Aleksandra Govedarica, Milana Trifkovic, and Shahrukh Shamim, EnviCore is an R&D company focused on developing technologies to enhance natural resource development. They offer their services to industries such as CleanTech, Mining, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Sustainability, Waste Management, and Water Purification.

Pipestone Energy

Pipestone Energy Corp is an oil & gas exploration & production company that targets the exploration of condensate-rich Montney assets. They also provide Environmental Consulting in the Energy sector.

Kathairos Solutions

An Alberta-based cleantech company, Kathairos Solutions aims to tackle the global challenge of climate change. They offer services in the CleanTech, Environmental Consulting, and Oil and Gas sectors.

Quattro Energy

Quattro Energy‘s objective is to build a portfolio of oil and gas-producing assets.

Avatar Innovations

Offering business solutions for energy transition, Avatar Innovations serves the Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Oil and Gas sectors.

Coelacanth Energy

Coelacanth Energy is a Montney-focused oil and natural gas exploration and development company.

B-32 Exploration

A private firm based in Calgary, B-32 Exploration is focused on scalable light oil growth in Duvernay.


Founded by Ali Telmadarreie and Steven Bryant, Cnergreen aims at enhanced oil recovery and CO2 storage efficiency using a unique nanoparticle-based foam technology. They serve the Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Oil and Gas industries.

Kaliber Chemicals

Co-founded by Todd Stauffer, Kaliber Chemicals is a chemical distributor serving the petroleum, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agriculture sectors. They mainly focus on the Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas industries.

Mcdaniel & Associates

Mcdaniel & Associates is a consulting firm providing their services mainly in the Consulting and Oil and Gas industries.

Saga Wisdom

Founded by Darcy Fairbrother, David Anderson, and Dylan Lougheed, SAGA Wisdom provides online master class training specifically designed for the energy industry. They serve the Education, Energy, Oil and Gas, Software, and Training sectors.

Industrial Climate Solutions

Co-founded by Jeff Pallister and Richard Adamson, Industrial Climate Solutions develops and commercializes industrial process technologies that aim to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. They operate in the Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas sectors.

Advanced Upstream

Offering engineering and production of advanced completion equipment and testing services, Advanced Upstream serves oil and gas companies. They specialize in Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas.

Topco Oilsite Products

Based in Calgary, Topco Oilsite Products Ltd is an oil & energy company that also operates in the Biomass Energy sector.

These startups represent the dynamic and diverse nature of Calgary’s thriving oil and gas industry. As they continue to innovate and find sustainable solutions, they are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the energy sector in Canada and beyond.

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