Which IT Startups in Edmonton are Revolutionizing Canada’s Tech Industry?

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta in Canada, is no stranger to the startup world. Recognized for its pioneering role in technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the city’s entrepreneurial scene continues to thrive. Specifically, Edmonton’s technology startups are making their mark, transforming fields such as agriculture, gaming, machine learning, fintech, and many others.

Today, we explore some of the noteworthy Information Technology (IT) startups originating from the heart of Alberta. These startups are converging to one common point – delivering tailored and innovative solutions to meet up with technological advancements of the 21st century – ultimately edifying Edmonton’s stature as a leader in tech startups.

Here, we will delve into the startups’ missions, founders, and the industries which they aim to transform, showcasing their unique contributions towards technology advancement. From the budding entrepreneur to the experienced investor, there’s something in here for everyone. This is no particular order, and now without further ado, let’s view these startups!

Areto Labs

Areto Labs applies technology in an innovative way to build digital community platforms. The founders Jacqueline Comer, Kasey Machin, and Lana Cuthbertson are keen about creating culture-building apps and bots. They operate primarily within the Apps, Communities, Information Technology, and Software industries.

ScaleGood Fund LP (powered by TELUS)

ScaleGood Fund LP, powered by TELUS is the creation of social entrepreneur Ashif Mawji. Pivoting on social impact and early-stage investing, ScaleGood Fund LP is primarily a forward-thinking venture capital enterprise with a strong footing in the Information Technology and Social Impact sectors.

Dealcloser Inc.

Amir Reshef’s Dealcloser Inc. provides a hub for transaction management aimed at legal professionals. Dealcloser Inc. effectively leverages Information Technology in the Legal and Software fields.

CityScan Technologies Inc.

CityScan Technologies Inc., founded by Mustafa Gül and Qipei Mei, hones in on innovative solutions for the global transportation industry. Operating primarily within the Consulting, Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software industries CityScan Technologies is ruling innovation through accessibility.


HonestDoor sees Dan Belostotsky at its helm, using big data, predictive analytics and data science to produce estimated values of houses. They are effecting noticeable changes in the Analytics, Big Data, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Real Estate sectors.

Kilobytez Inc

Kilobytez Inc under the leadership of Devon Edwards, mastered in investment, forex, hedge fund, fintech, financial services, and financial technology. Kilobytez Inc is a Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Fintech, and Information Technology expert.

Iron Goblin

Dean Roskell’s Iron Goblin is a game development studio focusing on social, co-operative online video games, ensuring the Gaming, Information Technology, Online Games, PC Games, Software, and Video Games industries are left much better off.

Mojow Autonomous Solutions

The brainchild of Mojtaba Hedayatpour and Owen Kinch, Mojow Autonomous Solutions offers innovative digital technology that modernizes agriculture. This next-level startup centers on Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Machinery Manufacturing.


Vellgus is an outstanding hub offering web, mobile app development services, AI-powered solutions and software for startups and businesses. They are making impressive strides in the Analytics, Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Internet, Machine Learning, Mobile, Software, Web Design, and Web Development industries.


AlphaLayer, utilizes artificial intelligence to accelerate our understanding of financial markets, building alpha-generating solutions for investment management firms in the Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software fields.


Tensorgraph is Wessam Gad El-Rab’s innovative creation that offers ‘Enzo Expert,’ an AI-powered conversational platform to aid businesses with personalized customer interactions. Tensorgraph specializes in the Artificial Intelligence, Customer Service, Information Technology, Messaging, and SaaS sectors.


Cannabit, a creation of Jeremy Aasen and Matthew Ratzke, is a cloud service provider for the cannabis, beauty, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, and wellness infrastructure, leaving a footprint in these sectors through Info Tech and incorporating it into long-established ones like Beauty, Cannabis, Enterprise Software, Health Care, and others.


Launch57 uses multiplatform technologies to provide end-to-end turnkey IT solutions. They are significantly impacting Enterprise Software, Gamification, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Virtual Reality fields.


TradesLink functions as an online community for the tradespeople, where they can use their profiles to find work, thereby improving the hiring process in the Construction, Human Resources, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, and Social Network sectors.


Offering monthly web design and tech flat-rate services, TechCare, founded by Solehin Sagor, is effecting transformation in the Information Technology, Software, UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development industries with its innovative solutions.

In conclusion, these promising startups are just the tip of the ice-berg in terms of Edmonton’s burgeoning tech scene. By leveraging diverse fields of technology, these companies are not just reshaping their respective industries but serving as the catalyst for Edmonton’s leap into the future of technology.

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