Which Natural Resources Startups Are Shaping Vancouver’s Industry Future?

This issue of CanadaVenture.news is dedicated to showcasing and illustrating some of the most intriguing natural resources startups based in Vancouver, British Columbia. As one of the largest startup ecosystems in North America, this region harbors a growing number of new ventures in the natural resources industry. These startups embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, using innovative technologies and processes to explore, extract and manage our planet’s natural resources.

In recent years, we’ve noticed a particular emphasis on new businesses in the mining industry, perhaps reflecting the rich mineral deposits in Canada. From lithium to gold to helium, these startups traverse the length and breadth of natural resources, helped along by advanced technologies and growth-focused strategies.

The flowing list illustrates 15 startups in the natural resources industry, covering basic information about them along with their respective industries and founder(s). Join us as we delve into their work and contributions to the industry at large.

Li-FT Power

Li-FT Power is a cutting-edge company with a focus on identifying, exploring, discovering, and advancing early-stage lithium pegmatite projects. With expertise in Mining, Mining Technology, and Natural Resources industries.

Mayfair Gold

Dedicated to the exploration and development of the Fenn-Gib gold project, Mayfair Gold is diligently making strides in the Mineral, Mining, and Natural Resources industries.

Zacapa Resources

Zacapa Resources, founded by Ian Paul Slater, is a forefront exploration firm dedicated to providing mining and drilling services with a specialized focus in the Mineral, Mining, and Natural Resources industries.

Kalo Gold

Kalo Gold is taking the mining industry by storm, leading as a gold exploration and mining company.

First Helium

Founded by Vance Loeber, First Helium is distinguishing itself in the Exploration, Mining, Natural Resources, and Precious Metals industries via its focus on helium projects.

Summa Silver Corp

Summa Silver Corp, founded by Galen McNamara, is a mineral exploration company focusing on high-grade silver and gold developments on the Hughes Property in Tonopah, Nevada.

Nova Royalty

With an exceptional focus on acquiring royalties on deposits of copper and nickel, Nova Royalty, founded by Alex Tsukernik, is one of the standout startups in the Energy, Mining, Natural Resources and Precious Metals industries.

Ridgeline Minerals

Ridgeline Minerals, founded by Chad Peters, is a gold and silver exploration firm that is making its mark in the Mineral, Mining, Natural Resources, and Precious Metals industries.

Eclipse Gold Mining

Co-founded by Douglas Hurst and Mike Allen, Eclipse Gold Mining has made an appealing proposition in gold exploration and earned itself a noteworthy name in the Mining, Natural Resources, and Precious Metals sector.

Inflection Resources

Inflection Resources, created by Alistair Waddell, focuses on gold and copper-gold mineral exploration, making critical contributions to the Natural Resources and Precious Metals industries.

Kingfisher Metals

Founded by David Loretto and Dustin Perry, Kingfisher Metals is an exploration company that is making great strides in efficiently exploring district-scale gold and copper properties in Mineral, Mining, Mining Technology, Natural Resources, and Precious Metals industries.

Relevant Gold

Relevant Gold is a project generator-junior explorer that is notably contributing to district-scale gold style mineralisation within the Mineral, Mining, Natural Resources sectors.

Headwater Gold

Headwater Gold specializes in high-grade precious metal exploration, making significant strides in the Mining, Natural Resources, and Precious Metals sectors.

Great Bear Royalties

Great Bear Royalties is making a significant impact in the Mining, Natural Resources, and Precious Metals sectors as a precious metals royalty and streaming company.

Snowline Gold

Driven by founders Nikolas Matysek and Scott Berdahl, Snowline Gold is an exploration company working with Indigenous peoples to develop the Yukon’s natural resources, mastering in Mineral, Mining, and Natural Resources fields.

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