Which Ontario Rental Startups are Revolutionizing the Industry in 2023?

Ontario’s start-up scene is booming with innovative rental businesses that are revolutionizing their respective industries. From co-living management solutions to peer-to-peer power sport platforms, Ontario’s rental start-ups offer diverse and inventive services that not only fulfil market needs but also anticipate growth and development within their fields. Here, we take a closer look at 15 of Ontario’s most exciting rental startups, spanning property management, co-working spaces, travel, and more.


Founded by Anashwar Parayil and Mohammed Roshan PT, Haletale offers advanced co-living management solutions for landlords. They help property owners generate higher income and get their properties rented out faster. Haletale exists in the intersection of the marketplace, real estate, and rental property industries.

Enso Connect

Enso Connect, founded by Francois Gouelo and Peter Sorbo, is a guest experience platform tailored for the short-term rental industry. One of its key features is the utilization of smart home devices and AI communication to enhance guest experience, raising the bar in property management, software, and vacation rentals.


Andrews Moses and Vijayasekar Durairaju established Tenantcube, a property management platform that provides an array of services. From property listing and applicant tracking to tenant screening, online rent payments, work-order, and lease management, Tenantcube is streamlining the rental process.


Storeo, founded by Vijaya Jeyakumar, is a company that aims to empower urban dwellers by offering storage solutions, allowing them to create more space in their homes, cleverly intersecting the peer-to-peer, real estate, rental, self-storage, and smart cities fields.


Roost, founded by Maggie Shi, is dedicated to transforming renting. Operating at the crossroads of the internet, the marketplace, real estate, and rental property industries, Roost is riding the wave of digital transformation in property rental.


Clearspace, founded by Mark Goh, offers elegant and cost-effective offices, workplaces, and interior designs. Clearspace’s innovative approach positions it favourably within co-working, property management, rental, and real estate spheres.


Cios, conceived by Terrence Wang, Victor Peter, and William Green, operates with a strong social impact mission – making housing accessible for all. As such, they are making waves in the real estate and rental property sectors.


Travelomonk is an online travel agency offering cheap flight search and comparison services. This start-up extends its services to business travel, hospitality, tourism, as well as vacation rentals.

Adventure p2p rentals

Adventure p2p rentals operates a peer-to-peer power sport marketplace. It fuses sectors such as e-commerce, marketplace, peer-to-peer, rental, and transportation.


Femmebnb is a vacation rental platform designed by women, for women. It includes a 24/7 AI-powered travel assistant, thereby bringing tech innovation in the rental, travel, and women’s niches.


upSpace provides commercial spaces for rent. As a pioneer in spaces for commercial real estate and coworking, upSpace is speeding ahead in the rental property industry.

Electric Vehicle Network

Electric Vehicle Network, founded by Darryl Croft and Johnny Beckett, assists people in transitioning to electric cars. This start-up operates within the automotive, car sharing, electric vehicle, and rental sectors.


Reezy, founded by George Borunov, provides smart data-driven tools for home buyers and property investors, enabling informed decisions. Reezy operates in the property management, real estate investment, and rental property sectors.


Founded by Nir Zahavi and Ron Zahavi, Retreatify allows users to build their own retreats at large luxury retreat homes. They offer additional services such as catering, groceries, yoga classes, and more, all within the travel accommodations and vacation rental industries.


renloc extends its services from tenant screening to rent payment. Providing powerful tools for every step of the rental process, renloc is making its mark in the property management, real estate, rental, and SaaS industries.

These Ontario-based rental start-ups are pushing boundaries and creating opportunities in a highly competitive market. As they continue to evolve and innovate, they remind us that the world of rentals is vast, vibrant and ripe full of possibilities.

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