Which Top Vancouver Computer Startups Are Influencing Canada’s Tech Industry?

Vancouver, a hotbed of Canadian tech startups, is quickly emerging as the city to watch. Showcasing a plethora of computer startups in diverse industries from agriculture and security to ecommerce and gaming, it’s clear that the city is brimming with innovation, creativity and potential. We’ve compiled a list of 15 notable computer startups from Vancouver, explaining each of their unique offerings.

The advent of advanced technology spurs the startup community in Vancouver, pushing the boundaries and breaking new ground daily. These startups are applying the latest technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity, making significant strides in their respective sectors.

Below is an exploration of these innovative startups, their missions, and their industries. Discover how these burgeoning companies are changing the game and moving the needle in their respective fields.


Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace that serves over 40,000 merchants globally. The firm leverages technology in areas such as computer, e-commerce, machine learning, and software. The visionary founders, Saba Mohebpour and Tom Hansen, aim to make dropshipping more convenient and efficient.

Apera AI

Creating intelligent software for manufacturing industries, Apera AI works at the intersection of artificial intelligence, computer, machine learning, manufacturing, and software. Founded by Armin Khatoonabadi and Sina Afrooze, their robot vision intelligence software brings speed and precision to processes.


In a world where cybersecurity is paramount, Quickpass brings a privileged access management platform for managed service providers. With an emphasis on cybersecurity, this startup is making strides in the computer and software industry.

OneCup AI

OneCup AI, operating in the agriculture and agtech sector uses computer vision to identify livestock–think facial recognition for animals! Co-founded by Geoffrey Shmigelsky, the firm monitors health, growth, activity, and phenotypes of creatures.


Targeted at people teams, Ariglad provides effortless ticket management. Computer, human resources, and software form its core industries. The startup was brought to life by Ali Avci and Sophie Wyne.

Skylab Technologies

Skylab Technologies empowers businesses with AI photo editing tools. Founders Alireza Shafaei and TJ Rak are helping freelancers, and hobbyists succeed in the ever-growing digital age.


Sentire strives to bring vision to machines through APIs and custom solutions. With a focus on sectors like agriculture, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, founder Mahsoo Salimi is on the pursuit to simplify work using drone technology.

Graffiti Games

Graffiti Games, the brainchild of Alex Josef, Alex Lepp, and Mihalis Belantis, is an independent video game publisher that brings fantastic experiences for gamers. This startup shines in the computer, gaming, and PC games industry.


Making cloud computing accessible to everyday users, Puter pioneers in the computer, cloud computing, internet, and software industry. The founder, Nariman Jelveh, is streamlining work by providing more accessible and more efficient cloud services.

Forward Security

Forward Security offers comprehensive security solutions for sectors including finance, health, technology, and utilities. Cybersecurity is their primary focus, and they are dedicated to providing top-notch network security services.

HaulR Logistics

HaulR Logistics, founded by Tom Chute, is a truck management platform aimed at optimizing the utilization of dump trucks for contractors, drivers, and brokers.


Providing IT solutions for airports and airlines, ABOMIS is at the forefront in the air transportation, computer, enterprise software and reservations industry.


DeepND offers predictive retention solutions for hourly employees. Co-founded by Brianna Blaney, they leverage artificial intelligence, computer technology and recruiting to reduce turnover rates and retain employees effectively.

Dignii Technologies

Dignii Technologies, led by Adrian Jonklaas and Elisabeth Cooke, assists organizations in building diverse teams and promoting inclusion through their responsible data platform.


Clotech is a tech lab developing inventive software solutions for the creative industries, operating mainly in computer, software, and textiles.

These computer startups from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada demonstrate the potential the region has in terms of technological innovation. With such diverse applications of technology in various industries, no doubt we’ll be hearing more about these game-changers in the near future.

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