Which Toronto-Based Cybersecurity Startups Are Revolutionizing Canada’s Digital Landscape?

In the innovative heart of Canada, there’s a vibrant selection of cybersecurity startups in Toronto, Ontario. Founded by some of the brightest minds in the tech industry, these organizations are pushing the boundaries in IT and cybersecurity. They’re pioneering solutions to protect businesses worldwide and are transforming how we view and deal with the hybrid world of technology and security. Let’s delve into what these unique startups from Toronto are up to!

Cybersecurity is a significant concern for businesses worldwide. The rise in cyber threats and data breaches has made it a priority for companies to protect their valuable information from malicious threats. The startups listed in this article offer a myriad of solutions ranging from privacy-preserving machine learning tools, zero-configuration VPNs, and client-side security platforms to innovative AI-driven security orchestration and response.

Together, these start-ups are transforming the global cybersecurity landscape and driving growth with their innovative tech solutions. They are not only providing next-generation services but are also instrumental in shaping the future of cybersecurity, making the digital world a safer place to conduct business.


Tailscale is a software company founded by Avery Pennarun, Brad Fitzpatrick, and David Carney, that provides zero-configuration VPNs for secure connectivity. The startup is a significant player in the fields of Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Infrastructure, and Network Security.

Private AI

Co-founded by Gerald Penn, Patricia Thaine, and Pieter Luitjens, Private AI develops privacy-preserving machine learning and natural language processing tools. These tools make privacy and GDPR compliance reliable and the startup is a crucial company in the Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, Cloud Security, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Security, and Software industries.

Feroot Security

Feroot Security was founded by Ivan Tsarynny and Vitaliy Lim. Their cybersecurity platform protects the client-side JavaScript code of web applications against client-side attacks and compliance violations. This startup is making strides in Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, and SaaS industries.


Source is co-founded by Addo Smajic, Alex Gogan, and David Turner. It is an interoperable data management layer of Web3, making contributions to the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Database, Privacy, and Software industries.


ORNA, an AI-driven Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform, is an innovative solution for small to medium-sized businesses. ORNA, founded by Jana Krioukov, Logan Wolfe, and Martyn Gill, is a major player in the Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and SaaS industries.

BDATA Solutions Inc

Adrian Abott, Owen Wang, and Syed Bari founded BDATA Solutions Inc, a company that provides Digital Twin platform along with patented Blockchain IoT (BIoT) SDK for SimCards, IoT Gateway, PLC, SCADA, etc. This startup is making progress in the Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Oil & Gas industries.

Proof Zero

Founded by Adrian Maurer and Alexander Flanagan, Proof Zero connects data with confidence, turning data complexity into opportunity. The startup is influential in the Big Data, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Cyber Security, Fraud Detection, Identity Management, Internet, and Software industries.


F8th uses machine learning to identify users and fraudsters in real-time based on hundreds of patterns including mouse, keyboard, and other inputs. The startup was founded by Jonathan Gagne, Samuel Lemay, and Vivene Salmon Gagne, and is a significant player in the Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Fraud Detection, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software industries.

Blackwatch Digital

Blackwatch Digital, co-founded by Christopher McGarrigle, operates a Crypto security platform known as Dark Vault. The startup is a key player in the Cloud Security, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, FinTech, Information Technology, and Software sectors.


Founded by Roy Firestein, Autohost offers an automated Fraud Detection and Identity Verification solution that helps fast-growing companies. The startup is making significant strides in the Cyber Security, Fraud Detection, and Identity Management sectors.


Ashley Martis founded StartupFuel, a SaaS, Big Data, & AI company that services startup founders and venture capital funds. The startup is fostering business development in the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Development, Consulting, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Professional Networking, Software, and Venture Capital industries.


Founded by Hassan Khan and Toufi Saliba, TODAQ offers everyone a decentralized mobile marketplace. This startup is making a significant impact in the Blockchain, Cyber Security, Financial Services, FinTech, Marketplace, Privacy, and Virtual Currency sectors.


CYPFER is a Global Cybersecurity firm with technical expertise in cybersecurity breaches, cyber extortion, and ransomware recovery. The startup is playing a vital role in advancing the Cyber Security sector.


ControlD, co-founded by Alex Paguis and Yegor Sak, helps to bypass geo-restrictions, block tracking, and increase productivity. The startup is making significant strides in the Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure, Network Security, and Privacy sectors.


Founders Andrew Hartwig, Peter Barbosa, and Thomas Wilson established Opsware, a provider of privacy data center automation software. The startup is making a difference in the Cyber Security, Privacy, and Software sectors.

With their innovative spirit and can-do attitude, these startups are blazing a unique trail on the cybersecurity front. Their groundbreaking solutions to long-standing problems are sure to change the way we protect our businesses and data from threats, ensuring a safer and more secure future for all.

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