Which Toronto Startups are Transforming Property Management in 2023?

This article features an exciting crop of businesses operating at the convergence of real estate and technology. Positioned at the forefront of property management innovation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, these promising startups are leveraging advancements in software, AI, and fintech to revolutionize how we interact with the built environment. Let’s explore these 15 disruptive startups.

Enso Connect

Enso Connect Joins the list of frontrunners in property management, specializing in enhancing guest experiences in the short-term rental industry. Founded by Francois Gouelo and Peter Sorbo, the company smartly integrates AI communication and smart home devices into their platform to increase efficiency and customizability of their services. Their operations straddle the Property Management, Software, Travel, and Vacation Rental sectors.

Alate Partners

Actively empowering tech entrepreneurs with a focus on real estate is Alate Partners. The brainchild of John Albright, Alate Partners reassesses real estate through a technological lens, offering innovative solutions in Home Services, Property Development, Property Management, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment.


Transforming property management for condominiums and homeowner associations (HOAs) is STAN A.I., an AI property management assistant. Founded by Bogdan Raic and Maximilian Gajdel, STAN A.I. is applying Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Apps, Property Management, Real Estate, and Software to create a more streamlined property management experience.


Consider RentBook when managing property rent collection becomes a challenge. By producing a user-friendly app, RentBook simplifies the rental process, hence assisting property owners and tenants. Founded by Christopher Lam, RentBook dissects and reconstructs the traditional rental procedure for a more modern and efficient process.


Incorporating E-commerce, Group Buying, Social Networking into the property management sector is Naborino. This startup, created by Dan Flatt, utilizes a community group buying (CBG) platform, thereby connecting people alongside group buying offers from local businesses.


CondoWorks, conceived by Braedon Hebert and Erik Levinson, is an Accounts Payable Automation platform designed for property management companies, thereby enhancing cost-effectiveness and efficiency in this industry.


Clearspace, founded by Mark Goh, is a real estate firm with a difference, offering interior design, cost-effective offices, and workplaces to its clients. The company focuses on Coworking, Property Management, Real Estate, Rental sectors.


Optimizing parking operations is the primary objective of GoParkr. Founded by Alex Ren, Bruce Xia, and Frank Jing, this startup provides a full-stack parking management solution. It leverages Analytics, B2B, Commercial Real Estate, Mobile, Parking, Payments, Property Management, and SaaS.

Square Yards

Square Yards is an innovative platform that aggregates real estate transactions and mortgages. Founded by Tanuj Shori, Square Yards uses technology to simplify and streamline the real estate and construction sectors.

Max Condo Club

Max Condo Club was established in 2018 with the ultimate goal of simplifying the workday of condo managers. This startup leverages software and IT to enhance efficiency within the property management sector.


Condoo.io is currently reimagining condo rentals and property management. With a tentative launch in 2022, Condoo.io promises to place the operation of your condo investment on cruise control.

Goldbar The Nathan Team

Providing residential and commercial real estate services, Goldbar The Nathan Team offers comprehensive solutions for clients. The startup leverages Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, and Real Estate sectors to provide top-tier services.

Happy Hippo Holdings

Happy Hippo Holdings, founded by Evan Price, is a creative consulting firm that strategizes with businesses and individuals globally, revolutionizing Property Management with its unique approach.


Reezy offers smart data-driven tools for homebuyers and property investors. The innovative property management platform was created by founder George Borunov, providing advanced solutions in the Real Estate Investment and Rental Property sectors.

International Realty Firm

The International Realty Firm is a brokerage company that offers property consulting, advisory, and asset management services, highlighting how traditional Real Estate business modelties can benefit from techno-commercial innovation.

These companies are not only shaping the real estate industry in Canada but are also inspiring new and existing businesses to join the innovation revolution. The integration of technology and real estate is proving to be a game-changer in property management.

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