Who are Alberta’s Top Renewable Energy Startups Shaping 2023?

Canada’s energy sector is taking strides towards sustainability, with Alberta emerging as one of the key players in this transition. The Province, once known for its dominant oil and gas industry, is now leveraging its energy expertise to promote growth in renewables. Established firms and startups are investing in innovative green solutions that range from hydrogen production to solar steam technology and wind energy. Let’s take a look at a few of these promising startups revolutionizing the renewable energy sector in Alberta.

Westgen Technologies

Westgen Technologies is a remote power generation company that integrates renewable energy technologies to reduce development costs and improve environmental sustainability. The company operates in an array of industries, including Energy, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability. Despite the anonymity of its founders, Westgen Technologies’ endeavors are creating an impactful difference in progressing towards sustainable energy.

Tidewater Renewables

Embarking on the journey of energy transition, Tidewater Renewables operates as an renewable fuel producer. Their principal industry verticals include Energy, Fuel, and Renewable Energy. Adhering to the pioneering objective of sustainability, Tidewater’s founders strive to offer clean and efficient energy solutions.

Innova Hydrogen

In the league of renewable energy businesses, Innova Hydrogen stands out with its groundbreaking hydrogen-producing technology. The founders Donny Bobocel, Matt Desroches and Kamelia Giles, are setting new standards in the Energy, Energy Management, Environmental Engineering, and Renewable Energy sectors.

SolarSteam Inc.

Offering a reprint on solar technology, SolarSteam Inc., co-founded by Apostol Radev, is revolutionizing the domains of Renewable Energy and Solar technologies by providing sustainable heat generation solutions.

Switch Power

Switch Power is an Alberta-based sustainable power developer, asset manager, and producer. Trevor White, one of the founders, is dedicatedly driving the company’s goals towards realizing Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy solutions.

Voltarix Group

Offering a myriad of services, from consulting to construction eps, Voltarix Group is shaping up to be an influential player in the renewable energy landscape with its operation and maintenance solutions.


Orennia, founded by Brook Papau and Tanya Baeza, is offering technology solutions focused on the renewable power sector. Their industry expertise lies in Analytics, Energy, Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy, and Software.


Focusing on converting kinetic or motion energy back into electricity, TerranTek is innovating green technology solutions in the Energy, GreentTech, and Renewable Energy sectors.


Litus takes a fresh approach to lithium production by enhancing efficiency and cleanliness through nanotechnology and chemical processing.

True North Renewable Fuels Ltd.

True North Renewable Fuels Ltd. is shaping the future of renewable diesel refining in Western Canada. Founders Brian Adolph and Douglas Cole are pioneering efforts towards more sustainable energy sources.

Varme Energy

Varme Energy, although discreet about its founders, is making headway in developing decarbonized and reliable energy sources for Canadian grids.


With its founders Daniel C. May, Peter Atrazhev, and Steven Zhang, TREX-Ai is leveraging artificial intelligence to build cost-effective and sustainable electricity distribution systems in the Artificial Intelligence, Electrical Distribution, Energy, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability domains.

National Thermovoltaics

Specializing in large scale, solid-state, low temperature thermovoltaic generation (TVG), National Thermovoltaics is ushering in a new era of Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, and CleanTech solutions.


SpectrumH2 is securing its spot as an innovative low-cost supplier of Hydrogen and Carbon Storage solutions. The venture spans the Energy, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy industries.

Energy Wind & Renewables

In the manufacturing sector, Energy Wind & Renewables provides technical labor solutions, quality management, and logistics services – crucial pillars in the Energy Management, Manufacturing, Project Management, and Renewable Energy industries.

In conclusion, Alberta’s renewable energy landscape has been making commendable progress in the last few years, thanks to the innovative startups leading the way. Their dedication towards sustainable energy practices helps transform the energy sector towards greener and more efficient solutions. The province’s focus on renewable energy doesn’t just represent a shift in economic focus—it’s a sign of Alberta’s commitment to a sustainable future.

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