Who Are Calgary’s Most Influential Design Startups Transforming Alberta’s Industry?

Welcome to another comprehensive roundup of ours, where we venture into the realm of exciting design startups hailing from the vibrant city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These talented innovators and entrepreneurs are revolutionizing their respective industries, and we’re here to present their inspiring ventures. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and let us dive into this exciting mix of creativity and innovation.

Calgary is a thriving hub for creative innovators, and by focusing on design startups, we are uncovering the vital role that design plays in technology, software, marketing, and construction industries, among others. While representing a diverse array of industries, all these startups have one thing in common: an innovative focus on design, helping to transform and remodel their areas of expertise.

The fifteen startups highlighted below encompass a broad variety of sectors, including software, web design, digital marketing, public safety, and much more. From assisting small businesses in optimizing their online presence to reshaping the interior construction industry with digital advancements, these Calgary startups are making significant strides in design excellence.


Falkbuilt is revolutionizing the Construction, Interior Design, Real Estate, and Software industries by utilizing next-generation technology to digitize interior construction. Helmed by Mogens Smed, this forward-thinking startup is redefining the boundaries of technology and design in construction.

Smobler Studios

Pushing the boundaries of animation and web design, Smobler Studios is a metaverse architecture and Web3 design agency. This startup leverages the power of design to create immersive digital experiences, blurring lines between reality and the virtual world.


Crafting a two-part system of software and hardware, Zerosound is truly a game-changer in the Audio, Hardware, Product Design, and Software industries. Founders Norm Bogner and Raymond Sobol are reshaping the landscape of sound design through their innovative solutions.

Wildfire Innovations

Coupling innovation with an aim for public safety, Wildfire Innovations is reshaping how we prevent, protect against, and stop Wildfires. This startup, led by Don Hallett, is bringing a fresh perspective to Product Design, Public Safety, Retail, and Risk Management sectors.

Display Digital Marketing

Offering all-encompassing advertising services, Display Digital Marketing is a one-stop solution for businesses to optimize their online presence. Headed by Sheldon Semmler, this startup features expertise in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO, and more.

Budvue Media Inc.

Merging the cannabis industry with digital signage, Budvue Media is providing a digital signage solution tailor-made for the cannabis industry. This unique intersection of industries underscores the transformative potential of design.


Nerder, with its suite of services including strategy, consultation, UX design, analytics, and more, is helping businesses make the most of their digital assets. Their comprehensive approach is proof that strategic design can indeed yield remarkable business outcomes.

Vasoo Tech

Specializing in web development, graphics design and custom development, Vasoo Tech is a holistic design solution provider. This startup showcases how excellent design can seamlessly weave together varied elements to create cohesive digital solutions.

Blue Yolk Inc.

Blue Yolk Inc. offers the ability to build your website without the need for complex coding, with their visual web design tool. This innovative approach is democratising the web design process, underscoring the power of intuitive design.

Cosmic Collaborative

Cosmic Collaborative is a progressive digital design agency that excels at website design and branding. Their efforts illuminate how innovative design goes beyond aesthetics to shape brand identities and narratives.


Exploring the intersection of automotive industry and technology, iDEALER is delivering current technological advancement in the automotive industry. This startup showcases the transformative potential of design in traditional industries.

Altered Digital

Altered Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency offering an array of services from SEO & SEM to custom design. This startup embodies the notion that strategic design goes hand in hand with effective marketing.

SEMO Creative Inc

With a mission to help small businesses grow, SEMO Creative Inc provides comprehensive online marketing solutions. Tying together Advertising, Digital Marketing, E-commerce and more, this startup exemplifies the potential of design-led marketing strategies.


Bringing design to the forefront of web development, Hill&Foster offers solutions for visual problems from branding to bespoke websites. Their work underscores the essential role of design in creating impactful digital solutions.

Innovate Media Canada

Ending our roundup on a dynamic note, Innovate Media Canada is a full-service marketing firm that provides a variety of solutions including social media management, web hosting, and photography services. Founded by Jordan Geske, this startup epitomizes the multifaceted nature of design in the digital age.

These fifteen startups each highlight different facets of design innovation, from software and web development to marketing and public safety, demonstrating the breadth and depth of creative design work happening right here in Calgary.

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