Who are Canada’s Most Influential Commercial Real Estate Startups?

Welcome to CanadaVenture.news – where we expose you to the entrancing world of startups altering the commercial real estate scene in Canada. Our land teems with ingenious startups, committed to innovating and revolutionizing the real estate industry. From intelligent platforms to energy management solutions, these startups are set on bringing groundbreaking changes to how we perceive and interact with commercial real estate.

Delve into the diverse range of companies covering various sectors within the commercial real estate industry. Whether it’s real estate investment services, property management solutions, or creative software technologies, each startup listed below offers unique strategies aimed towards enhancing their respective sectors. Without further ado, let us dive into these exhilarating ventures and the incredible work they perform.

Remember, the impact these startups are making goes beyond Canada. They are contributing to global changes in how property is bought, sold, and managed. This innovation and creativity are evident in their individual profiles and mandates.


Visit Audette

Audette is a forward-thinking startup centring on energy management within the real estate sector. Founded by Christopher Naismith, the B2B SaaS provides Carbon Free Planning solutions contributing to greener and more sustainable properties. It’s situated within the B2B, Commercial Real Estate, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, SaaS, and Software industries.

Essential Real Estate Partners

Visit Essential Real Estate Partners

Created by Dan Merriam and Sandy Mackay, Essential Real Estate Partners is a real estate fund management firm offering private partnerships throughout Canada. The startup expands across the Asset Management, Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment sectors.


Visit Caret

Caret is a revolutionary Proptech company providing end-to-end communication, booking, and work order solutions to property managers and owners. With its reach into the Apps, Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, and SaaS industries, Caret is positively upgrading the real estate landscape.


Visit HILO

Founded by David Abrams, Kirk Stephens, and Oz Solomon, HILO gives power to building operators via its distinctive SaaS platform. This allows them to attract tenants, boost revenues, and streamline operations. HILO operates within the Commercial Real Estate, Communities, Enterprise Software, Real Estate, Residential, SaaS, and Smart Building industries.


Visit Arextech

Arextech is at the forefront of the real estate investment software sector. Led by Miguel Alvarez de Linera Alperi and Pablo Garnica, the firm helps investors leverage data network effects. Its focus spans the Commercial Real Estate, Information Technology, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, and Software industries.

Groupe Landerz

Visit Groupe Landerz

Founded by Simon G. Boyer, Groupe Landerz is accelerating land acquisition. Operating within the Commercial Real Estate, Property Development, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, SaaS, and Software sectors, it effectively contributes toward real estate development trends.

SuiteSpot Technology

Visit SuiteSpot Technology

Directed by Elik Jaeger, SuiteSpot Technology provides solutions in AI, Turnover, Mobile Inspections, Mobile Work Orders, Property Management, Operation, Maintenance, and PropTech through their SaaS platform. It operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Commercial Real Estate, Mobile Apps, Real Estate, Residential, SaaS, and Software sectors.

R-LABS Canada

Visit R-LABS Canada

Created by George Carras, R-LABS Canada shapes innovative companies solving major issues in real estate. It has its footprints in the Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment sectors.


Visit U-Rite

Co-founded by Blair Halenda and Stephen Paek, U-Rite is a commercial real estate underwriting and valuation platform. It’s a part of the Commercial Real Estate, Enterprise Software, and SaaS sectors, providing impressive value through its services.

JLC Investments

Visit JLC Investments

Focusing on real estate investment services, JLC Investments makes significant contributions to the Commercial, Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment sectors.


Visit Syzl

Developed by Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji-Savin, Syzl is revolutionizing the food industry by providing certified kitchens on demand, anywhere. It operates within the Apps, Commercial Real Estate, Cooking, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, and Sharing Economy industries.

Peakhill Capital

Visit Peakhill Capital

Founded by Harley Gold, Peakhill Capital is a prominent commercial real estate firm that offers commercial mortgages and financing services. It operates in the Commercial Real Estate, Construction, and Finance sectors.


Visit GoParkr

GoParkr, established by Alex Ren, Bruce Xia, and Frank Jing, is a full-stack parking management solution that enables Asset Managers to optimize parking operations. It belongs to the Analytics, B2B, Commercial Real Estate, Mobile, Parking, Payments, Property Management, and SaaS sectors.

North Atlas Commercial Real Estate

Visit North Atlas Commercial Real Estate

North Atlas Commercial Real Estate provides strategic insight and services as a commercial real estate brokerage in Manitoba. It’s a part of the Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate, and Real Estate Investment sectors.

Cantiro Group

Visit The Cantiro Group

The Cantiro Group is a property company delivering impressive homes, communities, and commercial properties. It stands tall in the Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Interior Design, Real Estate Investment, and Residential sectors.

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