Who are Toronto’s Most Influential Fitness Startups Transforming Health in 2023?

Toronto, Ontario is breaking new grounds in the realm of fitness startups. Canadian entrepreneurs are harnessing technology, artificial intelligence, and a firm understanding of health and wellness needs to create innovative solutions for individuals seeking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. In this article, we will explore some exciting fitness startups based in Toronto, their founders and the unique solutions they provide to users.

These companies are not just reimagining fitness routines but are also integrating health support systems, mental wellness aids, social interaction platforms, and highly sophisticated tools designed to deliver personalized and effective wellness solutions. By exploring offerings like gamified rowing machines, digital clinics, coworking spaces for fitness professionals, AI-powered exercise detection, mental health support apps, men’s athleisure wear, and community management platforms for seniors, we get a glimpse into the future of fitness and wellness.

The startups highlighted in this piece are tirelessly working to make fitness more enjoyable, motivating, and customized. From state-of-the-art equipment to virtual training, these companies are making a significant difference in lives locally and globally. Let’s dive in:

Aviron Interactive

Aviron Interactive is a fitness brand offering a unique rowing machine with gamification features. The innovative concept was conceived by founders Andy Hoang. Aviron Interactive serves the Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness industry.

Curv Health

Curv Health is a digital clinic that connects users with specialists utilizing futuristic tools for superior and cost-effective care. The startup was founded by Jason Hopper, Nicholas Tancredi, Shea Balish. Their main focus industries include Fitness, Health Care, Human Resources, and Wellness.

Nurosene Health

Nurosene Health, founded by Daniel Gallucci, is a tech-driven wellness brand that supports users in enhancing their brain, mind, and body health. They operate in the Apps, Fitness, Health Care, Training, and Wellness sectors.


PsyMood, launched by Frederico Neumann and Rodrigo Bergel, offers mental health support based on language and cultural background. Their industry focus spans Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness.

CAN Health Network

The CAN Health Network is a proposed project worth $20 million, which hopes to make significant strides in the Fitness, Health Care, and Medical sectors.


Placemade is Canada’s maiden fitness coworking space tailored for health and fitness professionals. Celia Lopez is one of the pioneering founders behind this innovative concept, which caters to numerous industries including Coworking, Fitness, Health Care, Lifestyle, Professional Networking, and Wellness.

Train Fitness

Train Fitness, founded by Andrew Just and Antoine Neidecker, specializes in automatic exercise detection and rep counting using Artificial Intelligence and the Apple watch. They operate in the spheres of Artificial Intelligence, Fitness, and Software.


FitTrack enhances health management through insightful data. They service the Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness industry.

Koble Care

Koble Care is a community providing health, wellness, fitness services to parents. They operate in the Communities, Fitness, Health Care, Mobile Apps industries.


Uncertn is a triplet-owned and operated D2C brand providing premium men’s athleisure wear. Founded by Jaeden M. Henry, Justin C. Henry, Tristan T. Henry, they operate in the E-Commerce, Fashion, Fitness, and Lifestyle sectors.


FitSwoop, brainchild of Madeline Wolkove, is a mobile app providing users with access to fitness studios and wellness centres. They cater to the Fitness, Health Care, Mobile Apps, and Wellness industries.


LifeLuxe is a platform that provides community management services for retirement residences, enabling seniors to maintain a vibrant social life. They operate within the Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness industries.


FitIn, the brainchild of Catherine Chan, is a marketplace dedicated to fitness, mental health, and wellness. It aims to make an ethical and significant impact within the Fitness, Health Care, Marketplace, and Wellness sectors.


FitDrive, founded by Edgar Brown and Milena Fagandini, is a fitness app that offers online training to its clients. They cater to the Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness industries.

Fit Hub

Fit Hub is a web application designed to facilitate digital fitness by founder Martina Rosati. It contributes to the Fitness, Internet, and Software sectors.

In conclusion, these startups exemplify the innovation, creativity, and dedication that Canadian entrepreneurs bring to the fitness and wellness industry. Beyond improving physical strength and conditioning, these startups are passionate about making a meaningful impact on people’s mental health, lifestyle, and overall wellbeing. As these inspiring startups continue to evolve, we look forward to seeing the new territories they will explore in the world of fintech and wellness.

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