Who are Vancouver’s Most Influential Analytics Startups Transforming Canadian Industries?

Canada’s vibrant startup scene is continuing its innovative streak with a range of promising analytics startups emerging from Vancouver, British Columbia. These startups are using data to transform industries ranging from tourism and hospitality, e-commerce, mental health, wine production to outdoor adventures and many more. Here’s a closer look at some of the most interesting analytics startups that are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

These companies are not only pushing the envelope with their cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas, but they’re also reshaping the business landscape by harnessing the power of data to drive decision-making, improve efficiencies, enhance customer service, and ultimately boost bottom lines.

From AI-powered analytics to insightful data intelligence solutions; here are some remarkable Vancouver-based analytics start-ups that are making a mark in today’s data-driven marketplace.


Fobi is a leading data intelligence company that assists its clients in transforming real-time data into actionable intel. Operating within the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Services, and Information Technology sectors, Fobi is delivering cutting-edge solutions driven by data.

ESG Analytics

ESG Analytics is a revolutionary platform that utilizes AI-powered Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data, analytics, and researcher solutions to measure ESG practices. Founded by Qayyum Rajan, the platform is transforming the landscape of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainability.

BarrelWise Technologies

Founded by entrepreneurs, Artem Bocharov, David Sommer, and Jason Sparrow, BarrelWise Technologies offers cutting-edge technology designed to improve the process of wine production and analysis. This innovative startup operates within the Analytics, Wine And Spirits, and Winery industries.

Yervana Services Inc

Yervana Services Inc is an ingenious two-sided marketplace that uses data analytics to connect explorers and local people to outdoor adventures. Founded by Jim McGovern, Yervana is revolutionizing the Adventure Travel, Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, and Tourism industries.

ari Technologies

Creating a significant impact in the Analytics, E-Commerce, Fashion, and Retail Technology industries, ari Technologies has developed a platform that enhances e-commerce businesses by leveraging customer affinity. Founded by Sheenah Rogers-Pfeiffer, ari Technologies is making a significant impact.

LivNao Technologies

Led by entrepreneur Daniel Leung, LivNao Technologies employs deep learning technologies to identify changes in mental health conditions before they affect performance and productivity. The company is a leader in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Health Diagnostics, and Machine Learning sectors.

Juicey Turf

Entering the market as an AI door-to-door sales mapping application, Juicey Turf is designed to maximize the profits of veteran salespeople. Founded by William Tsui, the startup pioneers Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Direct Sales, Machine Learning, Mapping Services, Predictive Analytics, SaaS, and Sales Automation.


Advize is an AI-powered text analytics software that analyzes voice of customer data from multiple channels. The startup was founded by entrepreneurs Caleb Del Begio and Joshua Del Begio and operates in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, Text Analytics industries.


WAVO is a breakthrough healthcare industry disruptor aiming at helping patients access affordable treatment options. Although the startup’s founders are undisclosed, WAVO’s impact spans across Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Home Health Care, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Personal Health, Predictive Analytics, and Software industries.


The brainchild of founders Heidi Ye and Rachel Wong, RocketBrew provides comprehensive email marketing analytics and industry benchmarking services to clients. It operates within the Analytics, Email Marketing, and Internet sectors.

Agrios Global Holdings

Delivering some of the most recent indoor growing science advancements as a data analytics company, Agrios Global Holdings is revolutionizing the AgTech, Analytics, and Cannabis industries.

EarthDaily Analytics

Co-founded by Cameron Chell and George Tyc, EarthDaily Analytics is an integrated data processing and analytics company that offers innovative agricultural industry solutions. It operates within the Analytics industry.

Infostrux Solutions

Under the leadership of Goran Kimovski, Infostrux Solutions provides business intelligence solutions, data cloud solutions, and data products. The startup operates within the Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Center, Database, and Information Technology sectors.


The brainchild of founders Rogayeh Tabrizi and Ted Violini, Theory+Practice integrates AI, Behavioral Economics, Predictive Analytics & Data Strategy to help businesses flourish. The company operates in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Data Services, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics sectors.

Kamu Data

A game-changer in the world of data pipeline at a global scale, Kamu Data operates in the Analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, Data Integration, and Software industries. Although its founders are undisclosed, Kamu Data’s contribution is profoundly significant.

In conclusion, these startups not only offer a glimpse into the future of analytics but are also reshaping industries through data-driven innovation. Watch this space for the next big thing in data analytics, emanating from Vancouver, British Columbia.

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