Who are Vancouver’s Most Influential Construction Startups of 2023?

With a thriving business ecosystem, Vancouver is home to a multitude of successful startups, particularly in the construction industry. With a wide range of innovative solutions and ideas, these startups are challenging traditional construction methods and creating groundbreaking technologies that aren’t just affecting the Canadian industry, but also making waves globally. Here, we have a closer look at 15 interesting construction startups from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

From sustainable building solutions to software platforms that are revolutionizing project management, these startups are at the forefront of their respective fields. They represent a new wave of entrepreneurship that combines technological innovation with a deep understanding of construction processes and requirements.

The depth of their vision and ingenuity makes it clear that Vancouver’s construction startup scene is not just thriving but also contributing significantly to the broader industry’s technological advancement. Let’s delve into these exciting ventures to learn more about their unique selling propositions and business models.


Nexii provides a building solution that enables the rapid construction of sustainable and resilient buildings. They’ve firmly made their mark within the Sustainability, Project Management, and Building Material industries. Founded by Ben Dombowsky, Michael Dombowsky, and Stephen Sidwell, Nexii is making notable strides in addressing today’s major environmental issues.


Operating within the Construction, Drones, Geospatial, and Real Estate industries, Spexi is a resounding name. Offering a two-sided platform, web app, mobile app, and blockchain technology solution, Spexi is building a reputation as a major player in construction.

Luminex Resources

Exploring the intersection of construction and mining for precious and base metals, Luminex Resources is creating a significant impact on gold and copper-focused projects around the globe.


With a focus on implementing high-tech solutions, Autonopia brings robotics to the construction and property services industry. Founded by Hossein Kamali and Mohammad Dabiri, Autonopia is dominating in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Construction, and Robotics.


Bringing digital solutions to traditional safety platforms, SalusPro, developed by Gabriel Guetta and Robert Clifford, helps construction companies modernize their processes in the Information Technology, Software, and Construction industries.


Fulfilling the need for a marketplace dedicated to facilitating rental transactions, MusterPoint is proving to be an innovative platform within the Construction, Information Technology, and Marketplace industries. Founded by Tim Sportschuetz, it’s an impressive player in the space.

Concrete MRI

Concrete MRI uses technologically advanced methods for scanning and monitoring concrete quality. The startup, initiated by Hoang Nhan Nguyen, is creating waves in the Construction, Professional Services, and Real Estate sectors.


OnTraccr provides a SaaS platform that enables next-generation construction workflow automation capabilities for businesses. Founders Jas Nijjar, Shane McNamara, and Syed Ahmed are driving innovation in the Information Technology and Construction sectors.

Model Reno

Model Reno is revolutionizing construction with their end-to-end renovation platform. Founded by Bradley Doering, it provides innovative solutions in the 3D Technology, Construction, Internet, and Supply Chain Management industries.


BuildMapper simplifies lead generation in the construction industry with its all-in-one platform. This rising star within the Apps, Construction, and Software sectors is setting the pace for its contemporaries.

Lambda Science

Lambda Science is maximizing AI’s potential to help home builders create energy-efficient homes. The startup is challenging the norm in the Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Construction, Energy Efficiency, and Software sectors.

Calmura Natural Walls Inc.

Calmura Natural Walls Inc. has created a factory-produced and certified natural wall system for residential projects. It’s proving to be a game-changing player in the CleanTech, Construction, Green Building, and Manufacturing sectors.

BC Infrastructure Benefits

BC Infrastructure Benefits provides a trades workforce for the construction of public infrastructure projects. This venture is marking its territory in the Construction, Employment, Marketing, and Trading Platform spheres.


Placemaker is a property development company founded by Hesam Deihimi and Iman Rahmim. Their creative approach to building mixed-use and residential spaces is inspiring community health and well-being. Placemaker operates within the Commercial, Construction, Property Development, and Residential industries.


HotelFurniture provides specialized engineering services for hotel design renovations, carving a niche for itself in the Civil Engineering, Construction, and Consulting fields.

These bold and innovative startups are just a snapshot of the dynamic construction sector that thrives in Vancouver. Their commitment to innovation and sophisticated technology is driving the city’s construction scene into the future.

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