Who Shaped Edmonton’s Internet Startups Landscape in 2023?

In recent years, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has emerged as a hotspot for flourishing internet startups. Known for its innovation and technology-driven culture, the city is home to numerous startups that are transforming various sectors with their unique and innovative solutions. Here, we spotlight 15 startups based in Edmonton that are making waves in the tech industry, from internet of things to artificial intelligence and beyond.

These startups are representative of a thriving tech scene in Edmonton, a city that fosters innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The startups highlighted here offer a snapshot of the diverse tech landscape of Edmonton — telling a story of AI-fueled predictive maintenance, grade matching service for international students, mobile dating apps, digital publishing and more. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of these startups and learn more about them.

Edmonton’s rising tech scene is poised for accelerated growth, thanks to the collaborative ecosystem that encourages innovation, risk-taking, and tech advancements. Without wasting further time, let’s explore the exciting internet startups emerging from Edmonton.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp

Founded by Prashant Verma and Sunil Vedula, Nanoprecise is revolutionising predictive maintenance with its AI & IoT-based solution. Their technology accurately diagnoses faults in machines, helping businesses avoid costly downtime.


Zept is an innovative platform that matches international students with universities. Founded by Gregg Oldring and Tony Williams, Zept simplifies the application process, making it easier for students and institutions to find the right fit.

Dot Dating App

Founded by Parthesh Patel, Dot Dating is a mobile dating app that matches users based on geographical location and common interests. The app brings a whole new approach to the world of online dating.

AMG Brands Network Inc.

Under the leadership of Anwar Abdi and Melissa Dimon, AMG Brands Network Inc. leverages the power of digital content to educate. They are a digital publisher specializing in advertising and content publishing.


Vellgus is a technologically advanced company that provides AI-powered solutions, mobile app and web development services for startups and businesses.


Founded by Sahr Saffa, C-Tribe is a media organization that celebrates diversity and fosters innovative and creative ideas.


ProShyft, founded by Cameron Stephens and Clayton Latimer, is an online marketplace connecting small business owners with professional accounting services.


Kutoku operates in the internet service space, focusing on providing superior customer service.

Tire Needs On Wheels

Founded by Joshua Littlejohn, Tire Needs On Wheels is modernizing the process of buying and installing tires by offering best-in-class tire service and support at your fingertips.


Established by Max Olender, maxlab.io is a turn-key product design company specializing in hardware and software development.


Under Zack Cooper Black’s leadership, Industree has become a revolutionary construction job network that matches and recruits workers for open positions, ensuring smooth communication between workers and companies.


DHARRO offers an online design software for creating location-based feature sheets. This innovative solution was developed under the guidance of founder Odiri Mike-Ifeta.


Linkstagram is an online portal that creates shortened URLs, analytics, and multiple bio link pages. This platform is an essential tool for businesses looking to improve their online presence and reach.


VisitorBay offers a modern visitor and employee sign-in software system that revolutionizes management in company’s front lobby and reception areas.


Founded by Damian Yeboah and Michael Mione, TORRO Group provides industry-leading (modern) M&A solutions to digitally native businesses. Their team delivers forward-thinking digital marketing strategies for companies looking to excel in the digital age.

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