15 Innovative Social Startups in Ontario Shaking Up the Industry

Discover the Game-Changing Companies Transforming Social Networking and Beyond

Are you curious about the latest social startups in Ontario? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the 15 most innovative social startups that are shaking up the industry. From healthcare to gaming, these startups are changing the way we interact with each other and our world.

Bettermode: The Ultimate Community Platform

Bettermode is a powerful community platform integrated into your product. Increase user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. Co-founded by Mohsen Malayeri, Siavash Mahmoudian, and Soheil Alavi, Bettermode is transforming how businesses build and manage their communities.

Stadium Live Studios: A Digital Playground for Sports Fans

Stadium Live Studios builds a digital playground for fans across sports and cultures. Co-founded by Kevin D.H Kim and Paul Xu, Stadium Live Studios is revolutionizing the world of sports entertainment and virtual fandom.

Able Innovations: Innovative Robotic Medical Devices

Able Innovations is developing robotic medical devices to tackle the painful and inefficient problem of patient transfer in healthcare. Co-founded by Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang, Able Innovations is at the forefront of healthcare robotics.

TriplePlay: A Virtual Social Network

TriplePlay is a virtual social network where users may meet new people through engaging games. Founded by Mark Hlady and Yuri Takhteyev, TriplePlay is a new kind of social network that makes connecting with others fun and easy.

StockPick: Video-Sharing for Investors

StockPick is a video-sharing app and social network for investors. Co-founded by Charles Qi, StockPick is revolutionizing the way investors connect and share their insights and ideas.

WOMBO: AI-Powered Lip Sync App

WOMBO is an AI-powered lip sync app that creates deepfake copies of images lip-syncing to a selection of songs. Co-founded by Akshat Jagga, Angad Arneja, and Ben Zion Benkhin, WOMBO is a viral sensation that has taken social media by storm.

Yuser: Decentralized Social Networking Platform

Yuser is a decentralized social networking platform built for you – the yuser. Co-founded by Eunika Sot, Mitch Brogan, and Thomas Cermak, Yuser is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency and social networking revolution.

Rally Video: Dynamic Video Platform

Rally Video is a dynamic video platform that offers hosting, networking, and virtual events for social groups. Co-founded by Ali Jiwani, Amy Liu, and Anson Kao, Rally Video is changing the way we connect and engage with others online.

Flyshot: Magic QR Promotions

Flyshot is a magic QR promotions platform built for ads and influencer campaigns. Co-founded by Ronen Verdi and Tanya Sardana, Flyshot is making it easier for businesses to run effective and engaging social media campaigns.

Cast: The Social Voting App

Cast is the social voting app that lets you share your opinions and see what others think. Co-founded by David Banwat, George Boutsalis, and Richard Liorti, Cast is a new kind of social network that puts your voice front and center.

DroneEntry: Workflow Management for Drone Pilots and Enterprises

DroneEntry is a workflow management platform for drone pilots and enterprises. Co-founded by Hamid Habib and Uzayr Siddiqui, DroneEntry is transforming how we use drones for business and social impact.

Happin: Social Hangout Platform for Gen Z

Happin is a social hangout platform for Gen Z that makes it easy to connect with others and explore new experiences. Co-founded by a team passionate about youth culture, Happin is redefining social networking for the next generation.

CITIZN: A Social Network for Democracy and Social Stewardship

CITIZN is a social network that puts the individual at the center of democracy, capitalism, and social stewardship. Co-founded by Chris Wolfenberg and Murray Simser, CITIZN is a platform that empowers individuals to make a positive impact on society.

BisRing: Connecting Home Owners and Real Estate Investors

BisRing connects home owners and real estate investors with reputable service providers and businesses to manage and maintain their properties. Co-founded by Akilan Theva and Umesh Vallipuram, BisRing is revolutionizing the way we approach property management and real estate investing.

mtion: The Metaverse for Gamers

mtion is building the metaverse for gamers to stream from and share with others. Founded by Jeremy Hartmann, mtion is a platform that brings gamers together and provides new ways to connect and engage with gaming communities.


These 15 social startups are changing the game in Ontario and beyond. From healthcare to real estate, from virtual social networks to gaming, these startups are transforming the way we connect, engage, and interact with our world. Be sure to check out their websites to learn more about their exciting work and stay tuned for more innovation from the Ontario startup scene.

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