Quebec’s Top 15 Information Technology Startups That Will Disrupt the Industry

Meet the innovative startups from Quebec that are set to transform the way we live and work through advanced technology solutions.

Quebec has become a hotbed for technology startups, and for good reason. With a rich talent pool, strong government support, and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, it’s no wonder that many innovative startups are emerging from the province. Here are 15 of the most interesting information technology startups from Quebec that are shaking up their respective industries.

Pow.Re: Powering Digital Asset Mining

Pow.Re is an innovative technology company that offers digital asset miners a range of advanced computation centers, low-risk power contracts, and secure financial services. Their goal is to create a more efficient and sustainable mining ecosystem for digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Wrk: Simplifying Automation

Wrk is a cutting-edge automation platform that makes automation easy for businesses of all sizes. Their software allows companies to automate various tasks, including marketing and sales, without the need for technical expertise or programming skills. Empowering Retail Employees is a digital platform that allows brands to reward retail employees with instant cash and prizes for learning and driving sales at retail. Their innovative solution helps to incentivize and motivate retail employees, resulting in better sales outcomes for businesses.

Korbit Technologies: Corporate AI Training

Korbit Technologies offers corporate data science and AI training, powered by award-winning AI Tutors. Their platform offers personalized learning experiences that are tailored to each employee’s skill level, resulting in a more efficient and effective training program.

Basedash: The Fastest Way to Build an Admin Panel

Basedash is a developer tool that offers the fastest way to create an admin panel for websites and applications. Their software allows developers to create custom admin panels without the need for coding or advanced technical skills.

Deeplite: Intelligent AI Optimization

Deeplite is an AI optimization software provider that helps to make deep neural networks faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient. Their software is ideal for businesses looking to improve their AI algorithms and models.

Vezgo: One API for Every Crypto Integration

Vezgo is a crypto SaaS API that helps crypto companies onboard Web3 users faster and easier. Their innovative solution offers a range of features that allow businesses to streamline their crypto integrations.

Hookdeck: Reliable Webhook Infrastructure

Hookdeck is an infrastructure provider that offers the most reliable webhook infrastructure for tech teams. Their platform enables businesses to safely ingest, monitor, and troubleshoot webhooks, resulting in better overall reliability and uptime.

Pathway Medical: Empowering Healthcare Organizations

Pathway Medical is a healthcare technology company that empowers clinicians and healthcare organizations to provide better, more efficient care. Their AI-powered software helps healthcare providers to make more informed decisions and improve patient outcomes.

Edgegap: Automated Hosting for Multiplayer Games

Edgegap is an automated hosting platform that delivers low-latency multiplayer games. Their software is ideal for game developers who need to host multiplayer games and want to minimize latency.

ChrysaLabs: Real-Time Soil Fertility Assessment

ChrysaLabs is a biotechnology company that has developed a real-time, portable, and accurate soil fertility assessment technology for precision agriculture. Their solution helps farmers to optimize their crop yields and reduce their environmental impact.

Maxa: Financial and ERP insights automation

Maxa is the fastest solution to make financial and ERP data friendly to business teams and code. Maxa’s software is now available as a native app in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Mantle: Blockchain Development SaaS Products

Mantle provides blockchain development SaaS products that allow enterprises to operate in full transparency, compliance, and security. Their platform is ideal for businesses looking to integrate blockchain technology into their operations.

QSCALE: High-Performance Computing Centers with Energy Recovery

QScale is an IT company that provides high-performance computing centers with energy recovery. Their centers are designed to provide reliable and energy-efficient computing power to businesses in Quebec and beyond.

Bliinx: Sales Acceleration Platform for PLG Companies

Bliinx is a sales acceleration platform for PLG companies. Their platform provides a suite of tools to help businesses accelerate their sales processes, from lead generation to deal closing.


Quebec is home to a thriving startup ecosystem, with innovative companies like Pow.Re, Wrk, and leading the way in information technology. Whether you’re looking for solutions to streamline your marketing and sales processes or want to optimize your deep neural networks, these Quebec-based startups have got you covered.

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